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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - May 2019

Great choice Andrew as were just doing our pre-holiday reading for our Balkans part 1 trip (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro).

This month the Silver Travel Book Club – proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways – is reading The People We Were Before, by Annabelle Thorpe.

Yugoslavia, summer 1979. A new village. A new life. But eight-year-old Miro knows the real reason why his family moved from the inland city of Knin to the sun-kissed village of Ljeta on the Dalmatian Coast, a tragedy he tries desperately to forget.

The Ljeta years are happy ones, though, and when he marries his childhood sweetheart, and they have a baby daughter, it seems as though life is perfect. However, storm clouds are gathering above Yugoslavia.

War breaks out, and one split-second decision destroys the life Miro has managed to build. Driven by anger and grief, he flees to Dubrovnik, plunging himself into the hard-bitten world of international war reporters.

There begins a journey that will take him ever deeper into danger: from Dubrovnik, to Sarajevo, to the worst atrocities of war-torn Bosnia, Miro realises that even if he survives, there can be no way back to his earlier life. The war will change him, and everyone he loves, forever

Silver Travel Book Club Literary Editor Andrew will be drifting down the Danube in May, from Budapest to Bucharest, on board Emerald Waterways’ Enchantment of Eastern Europe cruise. He’ll be reading and chatting about books set along the route – from Hungary to Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania – and one is The People We Were Before, so strongly evoking the volatile history of old Yugoslavia through the essence of TripFiction.

Which travel memories do you have of this intriguing part of Europe, whether before the most recent Balkan conflict, raging from 1979 to 1995, or since? Which country, region or person has lingered longest in your travelling memory? And why….?

Join this Forum thread or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page and the most interesting two entries from Silver Travellers will each win a copy of The People We Were Before.

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