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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - February 2019

This months competition is now closed and the winners are JKM and Judergn who will each receive a copy of Kate Humble’s Thinking on My Feet.


A coastal treat fantastic reatreat

It’s always nice to get some inspiration

What an inspiration! I love walking along the beach, just ambling and dawdling, listening to the sea and gulls. What a pleasure to take time out in a hectic world!

This looks a great book, I walk each day with my small rescue dog Buddy, this is if I’m able due to disability, when I do walk, I walk mindfully appreciating nature’s beautiful colours and birdsong and other wildlife too, especially when the sun is up too making a great start to the day, its like free therapy from mother nature herself, a boost upliftment and inner peace, so if I get this I’m convinced Kate humbles journey must bring her upliftment and therapy every step of the way.

Gosh you made memories come back to me with your walks by the sea .
Seagulls !
My pet one called Kiki flies in to my mountain home most days ,
Eats like a horse though. Maybe one in a previous life !
Hope life has not been too hard on you
.A sunny days walk helps when life knocks you down, or just sitting by the sea.


My favorite walks have been along the headlands and beaches around Trearddur Bay in Anglesey. I visited there every summer for two weeks when I was a child which was wonderful. My Dad’s boss used to let us have his bungalow and my excitement as we drew near to going was overwhelming. The walks are spectacular in all weathers with the sound of the sea never far away and the cries of the seagulls. I try to go back there at least once a year, but most especially if life is being cruel as I am transported back to happy times and the walks give me time to clear my head. You can find walks to challenge you physically or ones just to amble giving time for reflection. It’s my heaven on earth.

Looking forward to reading Kate Humble’s book when I’ve finished Chris Packham’s ‘Fingers in the Sparkle Jar’.

Kings Norton

Hi Andrew ,
The book by Kate H. was sold out. So was mine! NOW RE-ORDERED…..
Operation has been put off till April .So not dead yet, yippee!
Walking? Today goats kids require to be found… Mum’s going berserk . So I am a fully paid up member of the goat herd,
They accept the wee tots back, when I throw squealing kids to them.
And do not seem to worry about me having to climb up and down the mountain. No prizes for guessing who is the stupid goat !
The pet seagull is here again she can be called in from about a mile away. Likes grain.
Waiting now for the cuckoo’s ,Then I know my relations are back!


I’m definitely going to read this book, Kate Humble is inspirational

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