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Middle Seat

Always give the middle seats a miss. Aisle seats are much easier and more convenient especially when needing frequent trips to the loo, oh the joy of travelling when getting older.

I flew from Barbados in February, it was an overnight flight and I wish I’d booked leg room but because I hadn’t I asked the person on the aisle to let me out about every 2 hours and walked up and down and stood for 20/30 minutes. Not ideal but it meant I wasn’t so stiff when we landed.

Isle seats are the best seats for many @Hotrod


Oh the joys of flying!

Sutton coldfield

Sounds an unpleasant experience @hotrod

Probably worth the extra to book an aisle seat

Essex UK

I travelled back home from Cyprus today. The flight was over five hours and there was a 35 minute delay, before take off. I am still suffering from numbness, due to lack of space and movement, from being in the middle. The arm rests were difficult to share and I tried various positions, but ended up with my head on my coat on the table in front of me. I couldn’t keep in this position for long, as bent over as I’ve often done in yoga classes, is fine for a few minutes but does gets to the lower back after a while. I will be booking an aisle seat in future.

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