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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - January 2019

Ah food, places to be, , alfresco dining ..Last year Goa…not sure yet about this year

Thanks for more great foodie travel memories.

@GeminiJen – what a great story about your friendly fondue on the Swiss German border all those years ago. Interesting now, how the concept of sharing food – the ‘tapas’ concept – has really fired imaginations and been replicated across cuisines and countries. No surprise really, and food and travel are happier bedfellows than ever before. There are 52 ‘Food Trails’ in this month’s glorious Silver Travel Book Club book of the month from Lonely Planet, each one more mouthwatering than the last.

@LH – your mountain food memory sounds perfect. Simple food elevated by the scenery and fresh air. Nothing better. I’m reminded of a plate of green beans we had one evening, at a lovely B&B after a day walking in the remote Spanish Pyrenees. Maybe there was some garlic too, otherwise nothing. Wow!

@DRSask – thanks for your very special food memory in the wilds of Canada. Let’s hope the chef’s children do manage to resurrect their father’s restaurant and culinary memories.

@SuzCG – Venice, what a place. But how good to hear that you found a simple, local eaterie that provided you with such a vivid foodie travel memory. How often is it true that the best travel adventures – with or without food – are a long way from the main tourist destinations….

Keep those travel & food memories coming, Silver Travellers and Silver Travel Book Club readers….I’m sure we all have many vivid images from our years of adventures.

The one place that sticks with me is a tiny backstreet cafe/restaurant we came across in Venice. We were young, newly together and without a lot of cash so didn’t have the money to eat in the flash touristy places around the square. This place had the friendliest staff ever and because it was small with so few tables, honestly felt like a dinner party – all the customers were chatting to one another across the room. I had the best bruschetta – so simple but the freshest and tastiest ingredients – and such a lovely evening. We went back for dinner a couple of nights later and again, the food & atmosphere was excellent. Years later we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and one of the stops was Venice. Of course, we had to take a stroll back there and find it and had a lovely lunch, reminiscing about all those years before!

Planning amazing eating experiences is one of the things I enjoy when on my travels. However, thinking way back, I remember one in Saskatchewan, Canada. Almost 30 years ago, after a long weekend in Saskatoon I was driving back to Regina with a friend and we stopped in at The Hole in Wall just outside Dundurn (about an hour into the 2 1/2 hour drive). Neither of us had been there before but we had heard good things about it. It was off the beaten track, hence the name, and we followed the directions we had been given unsure of where we were actually heading. We turned east off the highway then north then east again on country roads until we came to a small settlement and there it was – an old Texaco petrol station that had been converted into a restaurant with Peruvian style. We had a reservation but were a little bit early and there was no one around so we went for a drive around the community as it was too chilly for a walk. It was winter in the prairies and getting dark.
Finally another car drove into the parking lot and we were welcomed into the warmth of the main dining room, sat in front of the soon roaring fire and served complementary glasses of wine while we were advised of the menu. Everything we had was delicious and this gem of a restaurant became a quick favourite. The South American flavours were spot on and the service and atmosphere were excellent. There used to be a sign advertising the restaurant on the highway but it didn’t last long; unknowing customers started showing up expecting a quick burger so the owners took the sign down. They didn’t need the drive-by traffic as they were busy enough thanks to the cottage patrons nearby and those, like us, who were willing to drive an hour or so to get there.
I did a quick check before writing this to see if the restaurant is still there and sadly it closed a couple of years ago due to the death of the chef. It was a family-owned business and his children plan to open another restaurant in Saskatoon with the same name and menu, and the same iconic sign from the front of the building. I hope they do!

I think mine has to be a meal on the Orient Express – all dressed up, piano playing background music, lovely food and a very expensive bottle of wine!


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It is a mixture of destination and food that I remember most about Lipziger Hof Hotel at Innsbruck. We had been walking at 7,400 feet from Hafelkar summit on a glorious autumn day, and came back down on the cable car and walked through scenic Innsbruck to enjoy a delicious meal at our hotel of polenta sprinkled with parmesan on grilled vegetables in a tomato and herb sauce, after a salad topped with strips of grilled chicken.

My memory dates back over more than 50 years. I was studying in Germany (Freiburg) and went with a few friends across the border to Switzerland for a short walking holiday. On out first night (in Fribourg) we had my first experience of Swiss fondue. What I remember most about the evening was the fun of sharing food, wine, conversation and laughter with good friends. Given that we were solemnly advised by our waiter that, if the piece of bread dropped from your fork into the fondue, you had to kiss everyone in the group. Some friendships developed quite rapidly as a result


I really enjoyed a Burger King in Tenerife. It was the first time I’d been abroad, and was frankly amazed to see a familiar brand on the strip. I did eat the local cuiine most of the time though, so that’s ok

Eurocamp holiday looks like the perfect break, good mix of activities. Never tried it before and wouldn’t mind giving it a go with the family.

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