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The Twelve Days of Christmas 2018 Silver Travel Advisor Giveaway!

I have only entered a few advent competitions, this is a great idea to get extra entries for just reviewing the site, or adding to the forum, thanks for this very exciting competition

West Sussex

Some great prizes here but really and truly there are just too many advent comps around, and often not all that good ones.

Wouldn’t it be a lovely surprise to win any of these lovely prizes!

Great prizes again this year. Am sure I won’t win, but it’s fun to enter all the same.


Can’t believe its Christmas again already. It seemed to take ages when I was a child. Now it feels like I have barely packed up the deckies from last year. So why can’t I find anything??

Yes please, if I win, please remind me I entered!!

Great prizes

Silver Travel Advisor….Gold prizes !!

Super Prizes, Thanks for the chance.


Love chocolate. Love champagne. Fabulous prizes every day.


How wonderful! Do we have to come back every day?

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