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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - December 2018

Guayaquil, en route to the Galapagos, many years ago. Imaging there would be coffee shops and finding out they hadn’t arrived at that time. What no Starbucks!! Finding that fish and cold potatoes were the only dish of the day. Loving it. Having a waiter leave the “restaurant” to find wine and the all important corkscrew. Finding a market built by Eiffel, like a low level Parisian tower. Feeling foreign and yet very safe. Not the same now, I suspect, but then neither am I.

Would love the book. It’s great to dream. And some may come true.

Although not considered old,I have lost confidence in travelling long haul. I worry about taking ill abroad, or my husband being ill.

Used to do long haul flights often but since my husband had his stroke he has lost his confidence in travelling on our own. It was his 70th birthday last June and we went on an escorted tour of the Canadian Rockies, including a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. Cannot recommend it enough, the breathtaking scenery, the history and the 5* luxury on the railroad with the most amazing views and wildlife.

That holiday gave him the confidence to book another escorted tour so in January 2019 we are heading off to India to the Golden Triangle.

I know that this might seem tame to some intrepid travellers but for the not so fit or confident this is a good way to see more of this wonderful world.

still awaiting time when can do my trip of lifetime to china , within next two years I hope.
meanwhile most quirky transport tried was the toboggan at monte.

Journey of my life time, wow, that’s a hard one and I’m hoping I have not made it yet! Will it be the trip to Antarctica next November, or maybe India at some point, or will it be a journey that has not entered my mind and imagination yet.
And those I’ve done? Was it my first home exchange, Costa Rica visiting Arenal Volcano, white water rafting and jungle trekking; or maybe oriental magic in Vietnam, where I wandered off, somehow without water on a very hot day, and returned having walked 20 miles and dehydrated; or maybe the sheer magic of the Galápagos Islands and close encounters with the wild life and that Orca near our boat; or the mysteries of the rose red city, Petra in Jordan; then there was China 25 years ago but what about Machu Pichu in Peru? How could I ever forget that amazing trip where I was hospitalised twice with altitude sickness but released in time for The Inca city and for the trip to the Amazon Basin. So many wonderful experiences and memories and maybe this book will inspire me to find yet more adventures and go off the beaten track a little more. I’m 68, solo and not yet done!

Exeter. UK.

This book is inspiring. To my horror I’ve become old and set in my ways. My sense of adventure has deserted me and I’d subconsciously resigned myself to never holidaying abroad again. Maybe, just maybe, 2019 will be the year when I rediscover my adventurous spirit. I’ve started looking…

My favourite place to holiday was New England. Perhaps not the most daring but I’ve an affinity to trees and was blown away by the seemingly endless miles of fall foliage.

More daring? Skinny dipping at midnight in Cuba. Very happy memories of a long departed friend. My skinny dipping days are definitely over (to the relief, I’m sure, of the sea life!).


Wow, thanks for all the inspiring comments and thoughts so far from Silver Travellers contemplating your own ‘Journey of a Lifetime’.

It seems that National Geographic’s recently updated 10th anniversary edition of the beautiful Journeys of a Lifetime, is a popular choice as the Silver Travel Book Club – sponsored by partner Emerald Waterways – book of the month for December.

My own travel experiences suffer in comparison with those already mentioned by intrepid Silver Travellers, but for what it’s worth….

Journey of a Lifetime – probably the 5 weeks spent in Australia with my wife, to celebrate semi-retirement for us both: we visited distant relatives of Gill’s in Adelaide; completed my own ‘Grand Slam’ of tennis – as a spectator, rather than as a player! – at the Aussie Open in Melbourne; and explored Tasmania in a campervan, joining the cast on stage to take part in Australia’s longest-running play, about the penal colony of Sarah Island.

Most memorable mode of transport? My own feet. Not very imaginative, perhaps, but over the last 20 years or so, we have been lucky to explore some beautiful parts of the world on self-guided walking holidays. It’s amazing how much richer the experience is on foot, rather than any other way.

Favourite museum? Possibly the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery in Hobart. It’s simultaneously uplifting and harrowing, telling the story of how we destroyed the indigenous population and how Van Diemen’s Land was transformed into modern Tasmania.

Journey of a lifetime – Wow, I am not sure I have had it yet – but there’s time – over the years, like many I have been busy working, looking after a family and keeping everyday life going!
Now, I am retired – the book looks wonderful, and I look forward to planning the holidays – and perhaps the trip of a lifetime!


Wow, how lovely to be able to take a journey of a lifetime. I love to rely on books to guide me and don’t have the hassle of airports! This book looks fantastic.

what a fascinating book and amazing photographs!! My journey of a lifetime was travelling to Thailand. Speeding through Bangkok on a tuk tuk was a white knuckle ride, but lots of fun!

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