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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - December 2018

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on this month’s Silver Travel Book Club (proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways) book of the month. National Geographic’s ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’ has clearly prompted memories of your own epic travel adventures, or brought to the surface dreams of journeys still to come.

I love the images of memorable Arctic journeys conjured up by @the4ts and @The-lone-traveller – contrasting so vividly with the whimsical – and slightly scary – adventures of @MOUNTAINGOAT in the warmer climate of Morocco.

Journeys of a Lifetime’ has been completely updated for its 10th anniversary, and this inspirational travel guide reveals 500 celebrated and lesser-known destinations from around the globe, from ocean cruises in Antarctica to horse treks in the Andes. Compiled from the favourite trips of National Geographic’s legendary travel writers, this beautiful book will hopefully prompt memories of your own trips and inspire you to think about your next adventure.

What has been your own ‘*Journey of a Lifetime*’? What was the most memorable mode of transport you’ve experienced whilst travelling? Your favourite museum?

Join this Forum thread, or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page, to tell us about your most adventurous trip or enjoyable travel experience and the best two entries from Silver Travellers will each win a copy of Journeys of a Lifetime.

My journey of a life time was many years ago, I caught the overnight train from Helsinki to Rovanemi ( capital of finnish lapland) at Easter time. We started our journey with a little snow on the ground but as we journey north the snow got thicker and the pine trees got smaller. We had frequent stops due to the train stacking up with logs to burn for the heating as we had wood burning stoves at the end of each carriage. The smell was gorgeous, and the scenery spectacular, the nights appeared as if day light due to the refection of the snow and the lights of the train. When we arrived at Rovanemi we were greeted by the local tourist board ladies, dressed in colourful dresses and reindeer skin shoes where we had breakfast in the railway cafe with them. We were then given skis to borrow whilst we were in Lapland. As it was Easter , on good Friday every one wore black ( known locally as long Friday) then on Easter Sunday, everyone was in their local national dress and I recall an elderly lady going to church which to us looked like a dinning room chair being pushed along, but the seat section was at the front with her handbag on and she had ski type foot rests on the bottom of the legs of the chair and she was using it like a zimmer frame. She again had reindeer footwear. Sorry no photographs but lovely memories

I have a great desire to see “the Northern Lights” and Lake Garda is also on my bucket list. Hopefully they will happen soon.

The Bay

My dream has always been to travel to Australia,spend some time visiting this wonderful country and visit family that I have over there. Sadly due to ill health on both my part and my Husbands this will have to remain a dream, but as long as we internet contact and books to read , we can live our dreams through them.

My trip of a lifetime is still in the pipeline – anything on New Zealand in the book?

What an inspiring book I have put it on my Christmas list

My journey of a lifetime (so far) has been travelling up to the Arctic Circle in winter by train. I had an amazing journey with breaks in Germany and Stockholm on the way there and back and days filled with snowshoe walking, nordic skiing, husky sledding and photography by day and then the northern lights by night. I was lucky enough to see them on eight out of 11 nights whilst up there. In fact, I loved it so much I went back to the same place in October this year to see the lights again (without the snow this time but with reflections on the non-frozen water). Alas, I now have to say I am an Aurora addict, a very expensive affliction

always looking for inspiration . this guide would open up possibilities I wouldn’t have thought of.

Lifetime of travel?.The one place I remember vividly is Morocco! Bought an old Land Rover. Made a lot of changes to it, with tent on top ,Do not care for scorpions much ,just hoped they could not climb.
By law Cash was limited.So my partner and I applied for a licence to study goats ,for a 4 and a half months trip.
.Arrived in Spain with no problem set up camp in an isolated spot.We had bought a large container of wine, eggs ,and made our own bread and cakes! That night went well.
.Set off again in high spirits..Soon we were stopped by machine gun totting police. A search was made of the vehicle .I thought I must make friends of these young fairly untrained men. Trigger fingers , tightly gripped the guns pointing at us .
So I said . “Please, my feet are cold, if you find my gym shoes can you give them to me”. They melted a bit, no bank robbers, { whom they were looking for},,found in our new home.
A bit shaken we drove on to Morocco.After a week at a closed countryside campsite. {owners allowed us to stay.} .We wakened to the sound of hundreds of men surrounding us.
James climbed down from the tent.To find out the men had gathered to volunteer for, -The Green War. – Women were wailing and ululating, round the perimeter of the site.
.He took the Video camera and started to film .But he was grabbed ,and threats made to hang him.We had no idea in those days,that it is bad luck filming men going to battle.
My thoughts were, – We are in – Big Trouble !
Time to make an appearance ! I tumbled down the tent ladder trying not to show fear,
I tried tears ,and all other ploys I could to change the situation , luckily they worked .I took the camera and suitably chastised my partner very loudly. Then climbed back up into the tent , I knew these men should not look at strange women , so continued to film and record through the tent mesh.
.And that was only the beginning of our trip..Ducking diving and weaving ,to survive ! the memories of Morocco are burnt into me forever,


Having had two long bouts of illness and operations this year, which is finally coming to an end, I am looking forward to a new start in the New Year. I am excited to follow the inspirations on Silver Travel Adviser and I am looking forward to booking some lovely holidays for 2019.

North Yorkshire
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