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Prize Draw - 'Starry Nights in Provence' leisurely, self-guided cycling holiday courtesy of Cycling for Softies

Wow what a fab prize. My partner had a knee op so can’t do strenuous cycling anymore. Cycling for softies would mean I can now enjoy this with him

Would love to win this, France is such a lovely country for cycling!

Gives a whole new meaning to Purple Haze perfume, but hopefully no Purple Rain …

My partner and I had thinking caps on,
Where to go on our new ’lectric bike.
Provence would be great – assuming we won,
And riding is easier than taking a hike.


What a great prize. Fingers crossed.


Starry Starry Night – second reference to a great artist of the day (Vincent van Gogh)
second link of the day to a song >>

What a wonderful way to experience such a beautiful country

I was a keen cyclist in my youth…There were very few cars around then! After a long gap I’m trying to take it up again but find the traffic on our congested roads takes some getting used to ;-( However, Cycling for Softies sounds perfect for me, especially with an upgrade to an e-bike! What better way to truly experience the pleasures of Provence: its fields of lavender, regional foods, wine and, not to be missed, the famous ponies of the Camargue….Bonne chance!!


Can just imagine the smells and sights whilst cycling leisurely through Provence❣️❣️


Might give the push to get fit winning this

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