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Prize Draw - a Greek holiday home for up to 8 people courtesy of CV Villas

Would be an amazing holiday for family and friends!

To win this holiday would be a taste of how the other half lives!

Love Greece we normally visit at least once a year but this year my husband has had lung cancer so not able to fly. Results of treatment in 3 weeks so this prize would be the icing on the cake

This would be amazing to win a fantastic holiday for my whole family and I have always wanted to visit Corfu.

Yes please would love a holiday while still able to

46 yrs. agò my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Athens. We would love to go back to Greece or the islands with our 4 children, so this would be a dream come true.

The Bay

Fingers Crossed x

Villa for eight means I would not have to leave any friends behind

never been to Corfu but heard a lot of good things about it

I have Corfu on my bucket list the Villa looks spectacular

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