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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - September 2018

Thanks @CCH for your inspiring reply to @davidcmoore and his own adventures Turning Left Around The World.

What a brilliant trip you had to China too. It sounds as though the team at Audley Travel can create an itinerary to suit anyone’s needs, with great customer service every step of the way.

Good luck getting to those other exciting places you mention and, as you say, happy travels to us all. And happy reading!


What a marvellous adventure…and still more (Moore?) to come!
I would love to read all about your travels!
My first post retirement trip was to China, a long-held dream of mine.
Due to mobility issues, I could not join a regular tour, so like you, turned to Audley Travel for help.
They did me proud with a wonderful trip, from Beijing, the Forbidden City & the Great Wall at Badaling, via the Terracotta Warriors & the Giant Pandas, to a river cruise in the South & thence to Shanghai!
I loved every minute of it & even though I had to use a wheelchair for much of the time, I didn’t feel that I missed out on anything!
My real highlights were standing on the Great Wall, having never thought I’d manage to climb any part of it, & seeing so many Giant Pandas at close quarters!
I still have many places on my TBV (to be visited) list, South America, the Galapagos, Botswana to visit Mma Ramotswe etc!
Here’s to many happy travels for us all! :)

Great to hear that you enjoyed the Q&A with David & Helene, @Kay9 – 30 countries in 10 months, quite a journey and portrayed so entertainingly and interestingly in ‘Turning Left Around The World’ by @davidcmoore .

I’ve gone the ‘little and often’ travel route like you (though not as far-flung), since retiring, rather than David & Helene’s full-on world tour. But some friends are just coming to the end of 18 months (!) travelling in a camper van around Europe, immediately after finishing work. Looking forward to hearing if they suffered from any ‘travel fatigue’!

I’d love to hear how your 4 month itinerary pans out @Kay9 – happy travels and happy reading.


Hi Kay9
Yes, you’re right about the Galapagos limiting numbers of visitors, time on islands and restricting the routes – all to protect the wildlife’s natural habitat and way of life I guess
On the question of book publishing; I started writing what I called ‘Moore Ramblings’ for my adult children, to help them share the experience in a better way than just Facebook, Instagram etc can.
Friends started to ask for a copy and it just escalated, the Ramblings became a blog and the blog a book when someone suggested I sent the first few to a publisher. I was extremely lucky that the first one I spoke with offered to publish.
So, as I said to @AndrewMorris I am an accidental author, but thoroughly enjoying the experience

Hi David
No not been to Galapagos did the poor man’s island which was good.put off Galapagos as you can only walk on certain paths and time limited.
Now looking at Assam.thanks for the insurance advice, we’re away for 4 months next so will look into this if I have a problem. Happy travels. Oh yes how hard was it to get your book published??


Hi @kay9 yes, there are plenty of funny moments like that ‘on tour’
Have you been to the Galapagos, I just loved it (it was my first pin in the map!)
Extraordinary how the wildlife has never learned to be frightened of humans…

Although ‘The Galapagos Big 15’ includes the likes of the Blue Footed Boobies and the remarkable Frigatebirds the ones that enchanted me were the Storm Petrols. Large groups of these birds dance on the water, their feet just touching the surface as they pirouette across the waves looking for small floating insects. Somebody should really put them to music.

You’re right about the house insurance, my existing insurer wouldn’t touch it. I went to a specialist who insured the house, the contents in storage and our valuables while travelling – I also found out that High Street banks no longer have safe deposit boxes, seems odd.

Lovely to read your interview David and Helen.My first big trip was to Siberia,with 6 birdwatchers in 1990. Arriving at Lake Baikal at night one of the lads said"I’m looking forward to walking round the lake before breakfast"…: Laughter echoed round the reception.
Since then I be been to Ecuador,Chile Brazil, Venezuela,South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Vietnam,India, Australia and Europe and had some funny, frightening and awesome moments.
However taking 10months out sounds amazing. How did you get house insurance cover ?? No family to look after mine!


Thanks for all these great recent posts….our Silver Travel Book Club book of the month for September – Turning Left Around The World – seems to have resonated with Silver Travellers as loudly as a didgeridoo played in a dunny.

@CMAiello – so glad you found this Forum, via TripFiction @Teens. What great memories of Africa from your own retirement trip. Good luck with collating those 7,000 photos, and enjoy ticking off all those other wonderful places on your bucket list. Some great tips from @davidcmoore for your Kauai trip next month

Welcome to Silver Travel Advisor @philatel. Glad you found your way here via TripFiction, and hope you enjoy following the Silver Travel Book Club every month going forward. Are you still working or have you retired? Any memories from a special trip you can share with us on this Forum?

My own ‘retirement’ has been blessed with many travel experiences, thanks to Silver Travel Advisor – where I’m one of the writers, and also Literary Editor – and also thanks to Silver Travel partner TripFiction, helping people travel around the world through books with a strong sense of place.

Keep those lovely comments coming for a chance to win one of five signed copies of Turning Left Around The World, and also a print from humorous artist Tim Bulmer, who created the whimsical book cover for David.

Many thanks @I.W.
And @CMAiello I hope you enjoy reading it…
Your safari trip to Tanzania and Kenya sounds marvellous, it is a trip Helene and I have promised each other but couldn’t squeeze it in to the adventure we had, any recommendations would be great!

I wondered what the “crossing the equator ceremony” was. We conducted our own ceremony across the equator in Ecuador, we called it “hugging across the hemispheres”, as attached

Your comment on the photos made me laugh, there are over 100 in the book so I had to select from the 8,917 I have and a similar number Helene has – what a job that was, but much fun

Have fun in Kauai, it was one of the islands we visited on the trip – the wettest spot on earth allegedly with 470 inches of rain a year, big claim for a small island, do they know Manchester?
May I recommend the exquisite village of Hanalei Bay and Waimea Canyon both worth a visit – go early to the Canyon because the cloud and mist comes down mid morning, well it is the wettest place on earth!
Happy travels

Didn’t know about this website previously – heard about it via TripFiction. Travel books are my favourite genre. When I get a minute, I will try and catch up on previous books, comments, reviews, etc. Will certainly keep a look out for it in future.

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