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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - September 2018

Thank you @AndrewMorris
I’ll look forward to reading the book – and the print of the cover is a definite bonus too!


And here is that wonderful cover from Tim Bulmer:

Congratulations @GypstWanderer @CCH @Kay9 @ESW and @Sararose – you have all won a signed copy of the Silver Travel Book Club’s book of the month in September, Turning Left Around The World by @davidcmoore

You will all soon receive the book and can read about the amazing adventures undertaken by David and his wife Helene to celebrate retirement.

And – drum roll, please – @ESW has also won a print from humorous artist Tim Bulmer, who designed the perfect cover for David & Helene.

Thanks everyone for all the interesting comments on this Forum thread throughout September….travelling around the world has clearly sparked memories and excited travel imaginations.

Literary Editor

Hello @carowood

Many thanks for your kind note, so glad you’ve enjoyed reading all the interesting posts on September’s Silver Travel Book Club book of the month, Turning Left Around The World. Huge thanks to the author @davidcmoore for writing so entertainingly about his great retirement adventure, and also for his helpful and interesting interaction with Silver Travel Book Club members on this Forum.

Hope we can see your own comments on the monthly Book Club Forum very soon @carowood !

Literary Editor

Fascinating thread, I have really enjoyed reading all these interesting posts. Sometime soon I will attempt to write an item worth reading myself – well hopefully!

Thank you. I am new to Silver Traveler and love it.
Will try your insurance suggestion.
Re house insurance, have you thought about house sitters?
Friends house sat for a year so that insurance would not be a problem for the home owners.

Exeter. UK.

Apologies for being off the radar for a week or so, it was book launch week and a tad busy!

@GypstWanderer I sympathise with the insurance problem, my home and contents insurer wouldn’t touch me when I mentioned we were travelling for a year or so, and our travel insurance was difficult to arrange. We eventually went with a specialist called True Traveller, they may help.
By the way Antarctica sounds marvellous, do let us know how you get on…

@AndrewMorris many thanks for the review, so pleased you enjoyed it

@DRSask I thought your comment that ‘travelling has been a way of life all my life’ was great. I may have come to it a bit late in life but, like you, will continue the tradition

@DaDoRa and @ESW your stories reminded me of how I was arrested at Juliaca airport in Peru.
I guess I should explain!
During our time on Lake Titicaca I was suffering a little from altitude sickness. The hotel provided all guests with a free 10 minutes from an oxygen cylinder when they retired to bed – odd I know, but true. There was a knock on the door when we were in bed and a large gas cylinder was wheeled in for our ‘free ten minutes’. It was the best night’s sleep I had in a long while.
So much so I bought a small oxygen canister the following day from perhaps a dubious chemist in Puna.

Stupidly, I packed it for our flight to Cusco.
I found out that they do tend to take these things more seriously than strawberries or raisins…

@LH we also visited Rotorua and had the bizarre experience on Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula – there’s a great picture in the book of the whole village taking their bath on the beach

Finally, if you would like to hear more about our exploits Helene and I were interviewed by the BBC this week, you can listen to it here:

Happy Travels

Thank you for your tip about Trip Fiction.
Nov. 2019 I am going on another round the world, taking in Aus. New Zealand, Chile, Antartica (with Hurtigruten and a friend) and Florida. Mainly visiting friends and family but Chile and Antartica are the excitement.
They have a recommendation for Antartica ~ Cold Blood: The Antartic Murders Trilogy!!!
I will enjoy the Isobel Allende Recommendations for Chile and the books they suggest for Slovenia, a home exchange nest spring.

Does anyone have tips, recommendations for travel insurance? I’m 68 and have high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am fit and healthy but they prefer to ignore that

Also tips on Antartica. I’m a little nervous.

Exeter. UK.

Congratulations @dcmoore – ’"Turning Left Around The World" is now officially published, and available on Amazon.

A great read about a fabulous travel adventure – here is my own review:

Thanks @LH for your own ‘around the world’ memories. I think jet lag affects people differently, some suffer going left and some right! @davidcmoore can relate his own experience, although his ‘turning left’ – flying in style in business or first class – may have helped to alleviate the suffering a little.

@DarDoRa – what a great picture you paint of your around-the-world trip. Especially the Red Wine Experience. Have you started planning the next one yet??

Thanks @ESW for the biosecurity awareness tips, so important and much appreciated.

@GypstWanderer – my, you’ve been lucky to travel ‘around the world’ so many times! Thanks for sharing those great memories and tips. GypstWanderer wrote:

I love travel books and try to find out as much as I can before setting off on another adventure, mainly through these books. I also read novels from the countries to be visited as they help me to understand the culture and people. I’m often a single traveler and reading of other travellers adventures often makes me feel braver and gives me the courage to go out there and explore more.
– check out TripFiction, the perfect resource for all those books with a strong sense of wherever your destination might be.

@DRSask – DRSask wrote:

Travel has been a way of life all my life so in retirement I have simply kept up my tradition.
– exactly! Great that you’re managing to travel so widely in retirement….how DID we ever find time to work?


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