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Win a signed copy of A Cheetah’s Tale by HRH Princess Michael of Kent

…tell us your story then @wilkeithson …?

This would be a lovely book to read

We stayed at Giraffe Manor, Nairobi where the giraffes join in at breakfast time. What made it even more special is that it was on Christmas day.

Wow, fabulous photos! Just as well we have two copies of the book to give away!
And don’t forget you hear HRH talk about the book and cheetahs at the various events in London, Henley (this evening) and Cheltenham.

@JennieSilver wrote:

Can we see a photo please Coolonespa?

Well if @GDB1 is going to play the animal photo card…..me too

Sitting on her back looks gentle enough:

then the fun game was to drench us with a trunk full of water:

A rub and a pat and a pose for a photo….note the bubbles to the left of me are nothing to do with me

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Maybe like your first kiss….. or maybe first anything for that matter, it stays with you forever and overshadows what may come in the future on similar lines, simply because it was…. the first. As so it was when my wife talked me into our first safari In Kenya many years ago.
We had a fabulous guide, who seemed to know Masai Mara like the back of his hand…. it was though he could remember the paths taken by each animal, where they hunted, and even where they slept. From the smallest of creatures that live underground like the mongoose whose nest we found by ‘accident’ one day and realised that our route was pre-planned to see them…. to big cats stalking their prey trying to stay concealed in the long grass whilst gradually moving closer and closer…but we had to keep a respectable distance. Marvellous viewing opportunities seemingly at every turn and bump in the dusty roads; deer of every variety are all potential prey to the big cats. Even without the human tourists scaring the deer and ruining the hunt, the deer are quite often spooked by the cat getting too close too soon, and then so often a futile chase ensues with the deer outrunning the cat….. but the cheetah is the only cat that can outrun them with acceleration of 0-60 mph that would challenge a Ferrari…. thus our first and abiding memory was the mother and cub just watching from cover, and then… the chase….. it is something you normally only see in documentaries, but when you are actually there, it is something very special.

Watch out there’s a rock in the road,I shouted as my husband drove towards it.
That’s a cheetah with 2cubs,he replied,slowing to a halt. This was our first visit to Kruger National Park and our first sighting of Cheetah. The mother got up,called ,a qui ck mew to her cubs and strolled across the road. We drove a little closer camera clicking, but they didn’t stop.

The Cheetah is still my favourite cat and I’d like to read Princes Michaels own story. They are persecuted in Namibia by the farmers.


On my wife’s 60th birthday recently we stayed at a country house hotel in the Cotswolds. As we strolled from our coach house room to the dining room for breakfast we were able to stand and watch a deer on the lawn. After a few pleasant minutes we left it grazing to go for our own meal, but were then able to watch it from our table as it came up the steps and sauntered down the driveway into the bushes. We pointed it out to our waitress and she declared she had never seen a deer in the grounds before! It made my wife’s day.


Can we see a photo please Coolonespa?

Bathing with an elephant in the river Kwai Thailand

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