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Our September caption competition

Sorry should have been.
Stop sulking Donald, before I wop you one.

Sutton coldfield

Stop sulking Donald before I woo you one.

Sutton coldfield

I’m not talking to you Glynis until you give me a Silvertravel Bag.

Essex UK

Silver Traveller?

You look more like a gold digger from where I’m standing.

Sssh – don’t tell anyone but he’s really just a waxwork figure LOL.

I’m not joking, believe it or not, its the mother-in-law……..


How many times have I told you not to drink before dinner. Hmmm I suppose I am going to have to help you our table now


I’m only allowing you hold onto my arm because I know we have a few steps down to get out of here!


What do you mean “Face the camera and smile….. that’s what I am doing!!”

" I love the works of your grandfather – Gilbert…….and……."

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