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The 50+ Show London Olympia July 2017

…yes, quite agree @applegroupie

I am appalled to hear of the antics of these rude people. Perhaps if the freeloaders had to pay for their tickets they wouldn’t bother to attend!

It’s always a pleasure to drop by to say hello to the STA team at these events.

Sorry not to have mentioned you @MaryEssex put it down to my old age but it was a pleasure to have met you also.

It was good of the three of you to come and see us on the stand @GDB1 @MaryEssex and @applegroupie Part of the fun of the shows is meeting people we only normally get to interact with on-line, plus we often meet some great characters who have done amazing things, have a great sense of humour etc. So the odd undesirable is easily manageable.

Congratulations to MaryEssex & GDB1 who both had their photos featured in the 50+ mag. Below is their photos clipped from the mag & stuck onto the front cover but you can see MaryEssex’s shot in its full glory here:


I’m sure I’ve seen yours on the Forum as well GDB1 but perhaps you could post it here as well. Thanks

Essex UK

It’s a pity that there is not a means of sifting out riff-raff at the main entrance…..in addition to checking for bombs in handbags, maybe security could ask some pertinent questions, like…. ‘which charm school did you go to?’… or sign a statement..’ I promise only to be rude to people who haven’t been brought up properly ’….
Anyway, I feel overwhelmed at my instant fame and was, no doubt like @Applegroupie , very pleased to meet the poor souls who have to moderate and butter us up every week on STA…..they are stalwarts…… hmm, I think I feel a book coming on.

It was a good show and as always great to be working with the Silver Travel Show Team. It was also made special by meeting @GDB1 and @applegroupie plus members from other places and Forums I frequent. What never ceases to amaze me is the attitude of some people who attend. One woman told Debbie to F… Off, another said I was discriminating against her because, as she did not have an email address she could not enter the competition, those that come on the stand and want to take all the pens and bags and get upset when you say no. On the Friday I gave a talk in the travel theatre to a packed house on ‘Choosing Your First Cruise’. At the end a man approached me with his wife and said, ’Loved the talk, we have never cruised, could you give us some tips. Yes he was serious.
Next show will be the Cruise Show, Sept 16th and 17th at the Birmingham NEC.


Fossil presents again today

Essex UK

Team Saturday

Essex UK

Fossil and Coolonespa meet Applegroupie at the 50 Plus Show


Fossil and Coolonespa meet GDB1 at the 50 Plus Show

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