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@Grey-Wolf Thanks for sharing so generously your tips and advice on comping.

I usually buy Heinz baked beans, will have to swap my allegiance and get some Branston instead.

@applegroupie just a sideline really, I’ve won a lot of little prizes, nothing major though – books, vids, wine, hamper, camera did once win a little laptop from TES. Once wrote a philosophical article about it for a comping magazine for which I got paid, saying what a great social leveller it was – like anyone can enter them… a postage stamp can go along way , but the mindset you must have is cold and mechanical to avoid disappointment – do the entry – forget about it- do the next one- forget about it – then the next and so forth, onwards and upwards and so on…any win is a bonus. If you enter enough of them you WILL win eventually, but it means methodically entering EVERY single comp that comes your way. The answers are usually brain death easy, it’s just the competition is so immense, think of the millions in circulation figures of magazines etc, even if only 5% of the readership get round to sending in their completed comp entries you’re still up against hundreds of others. I’ve probably won around 2% of all the comps I’ve entered purely by bulk entries. Biggest win was a washing machine which I won in Poland from a local supermarket competition … didn’t even need it , so I sold it on to a colleague for some handy cash. Moral there being the even if you don’t want the prize on offer, somebody else out there might.

I’ve been put off recently by the exorbitant price of postage stamps (2nd class went up this week to 56p !!!), so mainly enter online.

My advice is you’ve more chance of wining in local, not national competitions when you’re up against less entrants ( I once won £50 in Sainsbury’s vouchers that way), or obscure in-house trade journals, which nobody else has heard of, you might find in an office wastepaper bin, not glossy comp magazines which everyone gets from WH Smiths).

Also, I mean it’s something that’s there anyway isn’t it ? For example, if you’re going to buy the baked beans anyway , you may as well take a pot shot at the comp on offer as you’ve already effectively paid for it already. In my article I made the analogy of comping with taking pot shots at UFOs with a musket !! You’ll miss 99% of the time but eventually you will down one !!

Or as I found out this week , just saying nice things about Punjana tea is worth a mug and some vouchers. Latest push I’ve noticed is on the back of supermarket till receipts – Morrisons, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Wilkinsons, Aldi – free to enter online surveys they’re all offering hundreds in vouchers for feedback. Again you probably won’t win, but you’ve nothing to lose by entering.

Here endeth the lecture…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I hate beans – fresh fish cooked any style beats beans anytime

Is comping your hobby @Grey-Wolf? Have you won many interesting prizes?

@applegroupie I don’t particularly like baked beans actually, just one of those things you have stockpiled in the cupboard for emergencies, the ahem…‘joy’ of this particular competition is that you can enter it 57 times a day if you wish to , without eating a single bean. Time for another go…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

@Grey-Wolf you must eat a lot of beans!

…and again…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Just entered and lost. Again.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

@Grey-Wolf thanks for sharing.

Yep, read all that on the shrink wrap small print (needed a magnifying glass to do so) kept my shrink wrap and receipt safe somewhere if I can remember…very odd competition this, I’ve entered online several times with the correct answers

which are a: 2 Days

b: 80,000

and still been (bean – ha!) told I haven’t won anything, so it’s obviously randomly computer generated as to who wins the jackpots, or the bean pots, so keep trying.

There’s also a very ominous clause in the small print stating “Not all prizes will be won” …hmmmm…

The algorithm is all. All hail the algorithm and all that.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.
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