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Glorious Guernsey for lunch!

What a lovely break. Had a few days there some time ago and would love the chance to go back and explore more of this beautiful island.


I have never been to Guernsey and would love to see it. I did visit Jersey once and thought it was beautiful so I have similar hopes for Guernsey! It would be a lovely prize and would make me feel like a real jet-setter – travelling by plane to another island for lunch! So

What a wonderful prize! I have always wanted to visit Guernsey. I have several friends who have done so and they all loved it so it sounds like it is definitely a place to add to my ‘must visit’ list

I agree, looks like a great prize and a great day out.

Essex UK

What a super prize! Lunch in Guernsey and a insider look at Gatwick airport too, I guess.
My amazing experience was when I was travelling to Paris and my boss was off to Japan, we shared an taxi to the airport, and yes, you’ve guessed it….we picked up each other’s company suitcases! A somewhat embarrassing telex came through to my hotel. Needless to say, I bought my own rather quirky suitcase after that.

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