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Visiting the Niagra Falls it was unbelievable

My most unbelievable travel experience was winning a river cruise on AMAWaterways, and travelling by Eurostar to Amsterdam, and then going down the Rhine past the most amazing castles. It was our only ever cruise experience to date and we so loved it as it was very relaxing, using the Jacuzzi pool 1st thing on the top deck and watching the wonderful scenery slip by as you soaked. The Moselle river wine area was great too, as we finished in Luxembourg, and it was even my birthday when on the cruise, so I had a birthday cake brought to the table!

The chance of winning a cruise on a specific date, and then it being your birthday as well, and the birthday evening excursion being to a musical museum which I loved, is so remote it was unbelievable! When Silver Travel Advisor phoned me at work to tell me I had won I thought it was a hoax! They remember it as well as I was the 1st winner of the website!

Cruise to nowhere
I booked a surprise mini cruise with Thomson for my husbands 50th birthday
We boarded the ship in Liverpool on Thursday to sail to Cork then to Dublin & back to Liverpool on Sunday
We live across the River Mersey from Liverpool in Wirral
We couldn’t sail on Thursday as gales force 8 in Irish Sea then on Friday announced we wouldn’t be going anywhere as weather forecast bad
However we could stay on the ship until Sunday
We had had the best 3 night holiday ever, food, drink, service & entertainment superb, we had sailed with thomsons before so knew some crew & entertainment team
There was a coach trip offered on Friday to Albert Dock in Liverpool but we declined as at the time I worked there
This was before the cruise terminal was built in Liverpool so we were in Langdon dock the old scap metal dock
From the Horizon bar on top deck we could see the house where my husband grew up in New Brighton, the two offices I used to work in Bootle, Seaforth container terminal were I used to work and looking up river Liverpool city centre
There was a whole family on board from the Midlands who ukele’s with them so good sing alongs
We got a large % of cost back to spend against another cruise so fabulous weekend cost very little
We booked another cruise for a year later but this time sailing from Southampton & flying back to Birmingham
Boarded a coach at Birmingham airport to drive to Southampton & surprise surprise the family with ukele’s were on the same trip
So that was a great holiday too

My most unbelievable experience was . . . . washing an elephant in Gunung Leuser National Park, Northern Sumatra.

I thought it might be a little frightening due to their size, but Uni was very docile and just laid on her side in the shallow water while we scrubbed. She obligingly turned over until eventually she’d had a pedicure and had been scrubbed from trunk to tail.

On standing up, she rinsed herself and said thank you by showering us and blowing in our ears.

Walking along the beach in Port Douglas,Queensland all alone one morning and suddenly seeing a movement in the water. I climbed a rock to get a better look and saw a beautiful dugong just grazing on the sea grasses in shallow water. I have travelled a lot and seen whales, dolphins and all sorts of animals in the past but this was so incredibly special. This lovely “sea cow” kept rising to the surface and I swear she looked straight at me! It is something I will never forget!

…St Martens, most trips are by boat and this particular trip we booked to go for dinner on the French side of the Island. We had a short walk along our lovely white sandy beach to the boat launch. We were served drinks of our choice while sailing to the French side and at the lovely little restaurant we ate delicious turbot. What an amazing 50th birthday! And, best of all, the exchange rate for us at that time was brilliant while the Americans, all holiday, were grumbling how things were a little more expensive for them that year. We couldn’t have bought a piece of turbot at our market for the price of the whole trip…double delicious!

My most unbelievable travel experience was having my main luggage case stolen in Monte Carlo as about to embark Regent Seven Seas Navigator Cruise. Firstly, I thought I was too travel savvy for it to happen to me, secondly it taught me that there are much more important things in life and that although we had booked the cruise to come to terms with the loss of my father 4 mths prior it was if he was telling me LIFE is more important than materialistic things. We had a most amazing cruise and met some super friends! personally the worst trauma was dealing with the travel Insurance who treat me as a scammer and I am the most honest person, so that really hurt!

My most unbelievable travel experience was …waking up the first morning in Hong Kong as a Cathay Pacific jumbo jet flew past the window on its way to Kai Tak.


@Riversiderouge – been there too, great experience. My particular memory was of my friend taking along a small umbrella to the consternation of fellow travellers. Given our obsession with the weather, they hadn’t realised that it was to protect us from the sun. We suddenly became very popular as it got hotter and there was little shade.

Other memorable moments include approaches into Kefalonia and Paphos over the sea, turning and descending at the same time. Thought wing tip was going to touch water at one stage! Night flying; seeing Brussels from A320 cockpit (when you were allowed to). The missed photo opportunities such as church in Paleocastritsia Corfu when holy father reached under his robes for his cigarettes. Also, sailing to Venice from further down the coast, backdrop suddenly became more interesting with very large cruise ship and Concorde. Sadly camera was in bottom of bag……

There are many memories, waking up the first morning in Hong Kong as a Cathay Pacific jumbo jet flew past the window on its way to Kai Tak, or taking the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Playing golf on possibly the world’s worst golf course on Ascension Island, or perhaps driving our horse drawn carriage down Edfu main street on market day!

The winner has to be our river cruise on Emerald Waterways from Cologne to Budapest. Apart from being a fantastic scenic cruise there were some exceptional highlights that combine to make it a truly memorable experience. Firstly rising 82 feet in the Hipolstein Lock at night, having to lie on the deck to get under the bridge as we entered the Jochenstein Lock or travelling to Franz Joseph railway station in Vienna to collect a mobile phone being brought to one of our fellow passengers from the train driver after she had left it in a shop in our previous port of call in Durnstein!

All of this however was surpassed when we looked out of our window at the Parliament Building in Budapest at night.

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