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Prizes (travel)

Well done Zena

Essex UK

A big Thank You to anyone who voted for my photograph of a donkey on roller skates.

I came 5th in the competition and I am delighted with my prize – 2 lovely large logo’d NCL bath towels and an NCL umbrella.

I look forward to using all – even the umbella!

Hi Zena, I think you may find that voting in the photo competition its only members of, You have my vote anyway – that’s 1 more….

This link will take you to the registration page … 013_a.html its free to join…


Just put into google and it will come up.
( Strange as I can see the link in my e-mail above)
Scroll down home page to a yellow box headed ‘Weird & Wonderful’ photo competition.

Thanks in advance for voting,

Sorry – I can’t see the link to the competition – am I being dense?

Hi there,

I’d be very grateful if any Forum members would vote for my photo (number 13) on in their ‘Weird & Wonderful’ photo competition by next Tuesday, 1st October 2013

Thank you,
Zena Nattriss

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