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Love the prizes…..just wish I could win one!!!!

Win a new Wok for the new year:


Wakefield, West Yorks.

I enter every free competition I see. I’ve won lots of things in the past but mainly in ‘invent a slogan’ type ones.

Thought this may be of interest to anyone competition minded – the website of a highly successful student comper who seems to have hit the jackpot on several occasions…it’s somewhat self aggrandizing but you may pick up some tips from her:


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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Win a seven night stay at the 5* Atrium Platinum Hotel in Rhodes, Greece, next door to The Acropolis.


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Genuine Christmas Day on-screen board game here for family fun for crime thriller enthusiasts to win a bundle of crime thriller books.


Wakefield, West Yorks.

First Advent Calendar competition this year here with a daily competition from Dorset Cereals


Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thank you for clarifying that @GeminiJen.

Thank you for clarifying that @GeminiJen

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Thanks for clarifying @GeminiJen

Essex UK
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