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Turtle Bay Beach Club

Congratulations on your prize Kathryn, by the sound of it you are in for a fabulous time, seven days by a pool sounds good but having the option of being able to do it in Kenya….wow…..let James have one day by the pool at least…go on you know you will….



Really looking forward to reading your review when you get back. What a fabulous way to start the New Year.


Getting excited about our prize trip to Turtle Bay, now that I can say we are going NEXT MONTH. We applied for our Kenyan visas today. I like the idea that this resort is an eco-resort: I look forward to finding out what exactly that means. Certainly supporting the local residents seems to be part of it.
There is some great bird-watching to be done and we have really got into bird-watching since we started going to East Africa; snorkelling (and where does the snorkel leader come from? Oxford. Where do we live? You’ve got it); local visits. James thinks he is going to lie by the pool for seven days . . . !
Can’t wait

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