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Christmas Quiz part 2

I’ve had a further thought about 5… Is it part of the Raglan collection which is (or was, it’s not clear from the web whether the proposed sale has gone through) at Cefntilla Court, near Usk in Monmouthshire. Failing that try Tredegar House, Imperial War museum….

17 rather than DNA, I’m wondering if another suggestion could be Kit Calverts rescue of the Wensleydale cheese factory in Hawes…


1. Batemans
2. Beddgelert
3. Cloud’s Hill
4. Idrigall Point, Isle of Skye
5. I’m assuming you don’t mean Balaclava (as it doesn’t fit in with therest) so all I can come up here is The National Archives…
6. Range of hills in Southern Uplands of Scotland
7. Galilee Chapel, Durham Cathedral
8. Alnwick station building
9. Helvellyn
10. Chester Race Course
11. Weymouth
12. Carnforth
13. York Railway Museum
14. Edinburgh Castle
15. Northampton Museum
16. Dorchester
17. I haven’t a clue about this one, but being a biologist will go for the discovery of the double helix in Cambridge…
18. Trompe l’oeil violin at Chatsworth
19. Birmingham
20. Salisbury


Here’s the next part of the quiz from Roger Bray and the British Guild of Travel Writers…

This time, as there are quite a few questions, and my inbox gets a bit cluttered, just post your answers on the Forum, and the first person to get them all correct will win the calendar!

Where in Britain would you find?

1; Kipling’s Rolls Royce
2: The grave of Llewelyn the Great’s dog
3: Lawrence of Arabia’s rural retreat
4: McLeod’s Maidens
5: Lord Raglan’s order to the Light Brigade
6: The Awful Hand
7: Bede’s tomb
8: Barter Books
9: Swirral Edge
10: The Roodee
11: The Nothe Fort
12: The platform for a Brief Encounter
13: The Duchess of Hamilton
14: The One O’Clock Gun
15: Prince Albert’s boots
16: Casterbridge
17: A famous kit from 1953
18: A silent violin
19: Gas Street Basin
20: The best preserved, original Magna Carta

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