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Christmas Quiz

Gricer makes it all sound so easy.

I have to admit to an awful lot of luck rather than any superiority of intellect.

No 1 was probably going to have Olympian connections.

No 5 suggested Blackfriars. For some inexplicable reason I thought of the splendid Art Nouveau pub of that name, which in turn (being me) led to the station next to it and a wild but lucky guess that this might be London stations. From there it’s only one stop to Temple and a bit further the other way to Whitechapel (apparently allowed although St Paul’s was the intended answer) for No 4.

No 2 then seemed to be a reasonable clue for Burnt Oak.

No 3 was the hard one until the not having a clue penny dropped.


You did a lot better than I did. All I could find was a reference to a blasted tree photgraphed by Roy Massicks
after being struck by lightning. The native Puriri tree is still hanging onto life at Smiths Bush Northcote on the North Shore of Auckland city…..

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Oh dear and I had Canterbury for No.2 The world famous old Oak tree that was struck by lightning and had to be removed from the Kent County Cricket Ground.

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A truly phenomenal performance, and Gricer makes it all sound so easy. I was floundering away miles off target.
More tomorrow! Debbie
Oh dear, does that really mean more of the same tomorrow….


Well done Gricer. You would be my first choice as a quiz partner.


Well big congratulations to Gricer – this was very tricky but you got all the right answers. Yes they are London Underground stations… Please send me your address and your well-deserved calendar is in the post to you…

More tomorrow! Debbie

1 A seat of the Gods? Olympia

2 A tree struck by lightning? Burnt Oak

3 A clueless game? Mornington Crescent

4 Two places of worship? St. Paul’s and Temple

5 Some Dominicans Blackfriars

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Submitted with one pass and 4 very wild guesses…Not a difficult target to beat.

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Help – is anyone getting anywhere with this? It makes Gricer’s find the link look like a nursery school exercise…


Good question – I guess that makes best sense. So yes please.


Do you want answers to you Debbie by way of a PM as in the other quizzes?

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