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Deletion needed.

Many thanks for pointing this out. This prize was given much earlier this year when we had not a clue as to what was to become such awful headline news just a few months later. In fact, at the time, we were pretty pleased to have secured a signed copy…. if only we had known.

In our November newsletter, we are offering another chance to win a copy of this book as part of our Great Winter Walks feature. This time we will ask the author, Paul Brown, to sign it. It is a wonderful book about a 104 mile walk from Leeds to Scarborough. … StarWriter



As a newbie to this great site I’ve been delving into the fantastic prizes some of you "long termers" have won. You lucky, lucky people

I came across one successful entrant who maybe retrospectively finds her prize to be not quite the scoop it was at the time:

•Heather Sheppard from Croydon won a copy of The White Rose Way, by Paul Brown, and signed by the late great Sir Jimmy Savile.

Late but maybe not so great. I’d always stand up for a person who isn’t here to defend themself. But the evidence here does seem overwhelming.

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