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Praise for Silver Travel Advisor

Thanks from me too Zena, a choice piece of free advertising and it can only do good for STA…


Thanks for that Zena.


For those of you that didn’t see Mr Messenger’s letter in the Sunday Telegraph, I am copying it here
word for word:
"There’s so much choice these days, so my biggest tip would be to ensure you choose the right cruise for you.
For example, the drinks package, dress code, variety and price of trips may or may not be important.
To help with your decision, if you’re of a certain mature age, I’d highly recommend Silver Travel Advisor
( As well as reading their in-depth reviews you can email them for impartial suggestions and recommendations for free."

Of course, the Telegraph may have tweaked or shortened Mr Messenger’s original letter as they did with mine.
They even moved me from Berkshire, where I live, to Buckinghamshire!

If anyone can find it and post it here I’d love to read it, I trawled through the online edition for around an hour and still couldn’t find it ….


Thanks Zena – we were delighted to see such a nice mention for us in the Sunday Telegraph. And then I spotted your name too, such a coincidence!

We had a flurry of new members and enquiries yesterday as a result which was very pleasing.



Whilst I was in The Bahamas I was talking to the Ministry of Tourism who sent their congratulations for Silver Travel’s achievements.

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Thanks for posting that Zena. It’s good to see that the Silver Travel name comes to peoples attention.


For those of you that don’t read the Sunday Telegraph – in particular the ‘YOURSAY’ letters on page 6 of the Travel Section (called ‘Discovery’) today, 14/12/14 – there is a letter from a Roy Messenger recommending the STA website!
Congratulation to Roy for having his letter published and to STA for being the subject of his complimentary letter.
By coincidence, a letter I submitted was also published on the same page today!
Unfortunately the Telegraph managed to credit my letter ‘Zena from Buckinghamshire’ !
I have absolutely no idea how the Telegraph made this error – I have lived in Berkshire for over 40 years!
Since the topic of today’s letters was River Cruising, perhaps they thought I had somehow drifted off
along The Thames to another county?

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