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Postal competitions

I have not done anything postal for several years. The last thing to fall by the roadside was Christmas cards; I now make an annual donation to the Salvation Army, which family and friends understand and accept. As for competitions, I am very selective in terms of the potential prize (do I really want it and, if it is a holiday, is it one that I will be able to take?) and the data collected. I am happy to provide an email address since I can easily filter and control emails and, to a lesser extent, a home phone number since any caller not in my address book will go straight to answer phone; but I will not provide a mobile number, no matter what the prize on offer. Of course, there is always the possibility that I will miss a prize notification, but this is a risk that I am willing to take.

Rarely do them now, sometimes the odd, little known local one, where you have a greater chance than usual of winning , it’s worth the investment…top top : always choose an eye catching post card, the quirkier the better.

I do remember the days when postage stamps just amounted to little more than loose pocket change; not so now.

One example is TV Choice Magazine who run a weekly easy peasy £500 prize crossword plus holiday prizes. I used to do that one religiously for the sake of a 2nd class stamp (never won it). I notice now that for that same competition there is no longer a postal option it’s either email/text/phone in for entries.

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I have entered competitions for over 30 years now. In the 1980s and 1990s I won a few here and there, most of which were postal but for the last 10 years not a thing! It seems if you are not into social media but a dinosaur like me, your competition winning days are over. I haven’t won a single thing for five years now and I have to say the enthusiasm is definitely waning. I don’t want to join the facebook/ twitter/ Instagram gang. I don’t mind email and internet competitions but don’t want to spend my life checking social media to see if I might have won a minor prize. Bring back the good old days eh?!

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I don’t think I’ve entered one by post for many years now, what few comps I enter is always done on-line.

Essex UK

Does anyone still enter, and more importantly win, competitions by post?

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