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Pilotless flight

Its many many years in the future, probably because of the perceptions you have both expressed & I agree that the technology is not robust enough yet. Often these things take a generation to work through, both for perceptions to change & for the technology to be robust but our Grandchildren or at least their children will be saying "Do you remember when people actually had to drive trains, cars, planes etc."

Essex UK

You may remember the Air France crash back in 2009 when one of their Airbus 330’s plunged into the Atlantic due to the failure of a faulty speed indicator which sent the autopilot incorrect information which led to an engine stall.

It was reported at the time that the captain was sleeping and the inexperienced co-pilot thinking he could handle it lifted the nose of the aircraft. Now I’m no pilot but even I know you don’t do that – you lower the nose to gather momentum. But this is all by the by,

The fact remains that the failure of just one component was the instigator of this, possibly, had the captain been at the controls at the time he would have taken very different action, and may have saved the lives of all on board……So, if they want to try it out use commercial airlines for a couple of decades but keep them out of my airspace….


For years now planes have had the ability to take off, fly down the beacons to their destination, land and taxi to their stand. However I can’t see pilots being done away with for many years due to the perception of the passenger. It’s one thing to have a driverless train as started with the Disney Monorail 35 years ago but a pilotless aircraft 40,000 feet up and mid Atlantic is a different kettle of fish.


Another step towards this with the latest drone delivery trials:

Essex UK

That’s a Rodger, Rodger

Essex UK

Hmmmm…lends itself to all manner of future possibilities…the driverless bus for example, an absurd notion at present, yet no doubt a future inevitability…

No. I wouldn’t feel safe on one…reminds me of that spoof film "Airplane" which had an inflatable remote pilot.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

True but we have accepted driverless tube trains, including the docklands light railway & many airport transit systems. Would people accept a pilotless plane for public transport?

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Essex UK

Nothing new here. The USA have been using drones in a similar manner to immense impact of late.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

A Jetstream aircraft became the first to fly "unmanned" across UK shared airspace last month.

Anyone fancy a try?

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Essex UK
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