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it seems that this plague is a blight of our times ~ in a world where you can go shopping without speaking to a human being, making do with the ubiquitous, “unexpected item in bagging area” for conversation (followed by the “tchk” of the “assistant” as s/he clicks a code into the system) ~ and then the only person you speak to all day requires a tirade of “rudery” to get them off the phone!!
no wonder some of us long for the good old days!!

toptraveller wrote:

You might want to look at the CPR call blocker from B&Q

I am seriously thinking of buyer the CPR call blocker you recommended.

The silent phone calls started again this morning. Used my Last Caller Barring feature but instead of barring the last call, it barred my penultimate call which was my son’s number! Had another protracted online chat with Talk Talk, this saga is never ending.

ESW wrote:

If you are with BT, you can register for Call Protect. It is a free service.

I contacted Talk Talk yesterday and they offered me their Privacy Feature which I think @ESW is similar to your BT Call Protect.

What I don’t understand is why they do not offer it to their customers automatically, why do I have to contact them first before I was told about this feature. They could have highlighted this feature with their monthly billing. Yesterday was the first time I heard of this feature.

According to BT, Call Protect does indeed deal with with overseas calls. Their website says “another feature of BT Call Protect is the ability to divert individual call categories. Withheld, International and Unrecognised numbers can all be sent directly to your junk voicemail.”

If you are with BT, you can register for Call Protect. It is a free service. After a nuisance call, you dial 1572 and can add it to the list of blocked calls to your land line. I don’t think it works for oversee calls though. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and the number of nuisance calls has decreased. There is also a sense ofsatisfaction in being proactive to block those calls in future….

I’m also signed up for TPS too.

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Certainly registering with Telephone Preference Service worked for me although it took a couple of weeks to kick in and it’s free. Have also registered my mobile numbers.


I’ve had a couple of calls recentley saying in a strong asian accent " This is Arthur from BT, we have noticed an increase in hacking activity on your internet line etc etc etc". My standard reply is "If your name is Arthur, my name is Gupta. It’s been lovely talking to you but I am in the middle of making love to my wife, so you have called at a most inconvenient time. Goodbye Arthur!

Bishop Auckland

Problem with many scam calls is they originate from overseas destinations and therefor a number does not appear that you can block. The only people able to check the originating number are the phone companies and they will not reveal it without a ‘Production Order’ issued by a Crown Court judge and for this you need to show a link with crime.


The silence at the beginning of the call is caused by them using an automated dialling machine. This device calls numbers at random then, when you answer, connects you to an operative in the call centre, hence the delay.

I’m told you can report scam phone calls but not cold sales calls.

You might want to look at the CPR call blocker from B&Q. It’s £40 but it comes loaded with numbers used by nuisance callers and enables you to add a number during a call by just pressing a button. It also claims to block silent calls and calls where the number is withheld. You can check it out here

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