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Personalized maps to records your travels

While on the subject of Maps (and Globes of course) I remember we were on Aurora in 2003 and we called into Shanghai.

On sale in the onboard shops were what were very popular in those days: ‘globes’ where each country was made up of a different stone.

Anyway, while ashore I spotted same items at considerably reduced cost and, as you do, couldn’t resist a purchase.

Fortunately we were on the ship all the way back to Southampton so didn’t have to worry about excess baggage.

Good job too because while stopping in Phuket I bought my wife’s birthday present – a Thai Spirit House – which we also shipped home courtesy of P&O…

Solent_Richard wrote:

Obviously I’m not the only ‘Super’ sleuth on here.

On the other hand, there is a free digital version here for those who want to impress their peers…


Fossil wrote:

I see you sell this on your website Jason.

Obviously I’m not the only ‘Super’ sleuth on here.

JoCarroll wrote:

Now there’s a surprise …

Needed to check that it was the posters web site before making the “Tongue in Cheek” remark.


@Fossil wrote

I see you sell this on your website Jason.

Now there’s a surprise …

I see you sell this on your website Jason.


What a great idea, something we could all consider at some point…

Oh, and welcome to the forum ~ happy travelling to you too Jason..


I just wanted to share my latest travel addition. I’ve been travelling for over 40 years however I’m now limited to where I can go, so to give myself some inspiration I decided to record all of my travels with a Scratch Map. The map I purchased is the original one, it’s a pleasure to sit down on an evening and start putting my travels on a map that everyone can see, it also brings back fond memories.

Happy travels!

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