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Our new mini-guide for the Solo Silver Traveller has arrived

Have just applied for my copy as I’m sure I will find it very useful, being a frequent solo cruiser

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I’ve just had a copy of this and it’s really helpful, with great tips and ideas. And actually takes the fear out of the idea of travelling alone. I’ve always had a horror of eating alone, so it’s good to know that the cruise staff help with this.
And I liked the thought of looking at holiday forums too, a great way to ‘meet’ others before travelling.
Thanks so much for sending this mini guide.

After popular demand, and a great deal of research, we’re proud to offer our latest mini-guide – this one for solo silver travellers. You can view it here

Or email [email protected] with a postal address for a printed copy.

All feedback welcomed!


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