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Norwegian coastal voyage with Hurtigruten

I was tempted @ESW but the majority shareholder in our company had other ideas

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Was it a bit spooky @albatrail with so few passengers on board?

Somehow @Coolospa I’d assumed you would have gone for the traditional experience rather than the all singing, all dancing Trollfjord…


Our first Hurtigruten was on MS Nordlys in February 2008. For the first few days there were 200 conference delegates but, once they left, there were 26 passengers & 41 crew

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We had about 350 on ours, it was busy between Tromso and back to Tromso, but quiet the rest of the trip. We went late February great winter weather.

Thanks @Albatrail

There were about 250 on board, approx half of its capacity, so plenty of space on the ship.

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You sum up the Hurtigruten coastal voyages nicely @coolonespa. I would have loved to be there at Christmas. How many passengers were on Trollfjord for your sailing?


Having read many reviews and posts from @ESW @fossil @Albatrail @Derek-Andrews and others I decided this was a trip I had to do and thanks for the inspiration. You can read about my experience on the MS Trollfjord from the link above

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