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Norwegian coastal voyage with Hurtigruten

Thanks for the information about the roadshows coolonespa – it’s great to see several within reasonable travel distance. A good choice of speakers too. Very tempting.

I have to admit that my trip with Hurtigruten into the Artic during the depths of winter makes it one of my more memorable cruises for all the right reasons.


Thanks for sharing @coolonespa I have had quite a few emails offering cruises with Hurtigruten to see the Northern Lights. Now this is also on my bucket list.

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Nice video Geoff, thanks for sharing.

Essex UK

Nice video @GeoffreyTrigg


You can find a short video with a sound track of the full set of pics of the Northern Light that I took at this link

Geoffrey W Trigg

Hi @yorkshirecat

Following on from your comments on my feature and my response, I noticed that Hurtigruten were running some roadshows in Feb/March, so that might be your opportunity to ask your questions in person. There is one in York but another may be better for you. Here is the link:

I posted it here as others might be interested in Hurtigruten’s roadshows.

Essex UK

These photographs are wonderful. I’ve never managed to get a good photo of the lights. Eventually I stopped trying and just enjoyed the show


On the topic of Northern Lights, my own efforts to photograph them were best described as pathetic. Quite rightly they advise you on the ship to enjoy them first, photograph them second (which I took quite literally).
Fortunately a fellow passenger (Geoff W Trigg) had the touch with the camera and produced photos an order of magnitude better than mine and agreed for me to use a small selection. The small photo in the feature didn’t do them any justice, so I’ve put them up here.

Essex UK

Tha majority shareholder doesn’t relise just what an experience they missed!!

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