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New cycling route - The Sandstone Way

If I started in Berwick and ended up in Hexham, would all be downhill

Essex UK

The map of the route is shown on the above link, it goes through some beautiful scenery.

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Great news, thanks for keeping us updated.

Essex UK

It seems its operational.


OK thanks, if you see any more please update this thread if you don’t mind.

Essex UK

Steve I am not sure, I know it is being promoted but that is about all!


Does the plan have a completion date?

Essex UK

Yes there are some good cycle routes around here,beautiful countryside and coast too!


It really is! I spent a week or so cycling around there about a year ago and it was wonderful – would definitely recommend it. I think the north of England is very underrated when it comes to cycling. Absolutely beautiful.

This sounds a fantastic route through some superb countryside.

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