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More Cruise Ships On The Way

I agree with what you say lildan. Small ships do have a lot of advantages regarding staff and ports and quite often quality of food. Azamara is a typical example along with Seabourn and Silverseas. However even the big ships visit the smaller ports but have to use tenders for getting passengers ashore. Nessebar here in Bulgaria is an example where Minerva can come into the port but when the Queen Elizabeth arrives next month she will use tenders. At the end of the day it is personal preference.


I have to disagree Fossil, the smaller ships can get into much more interesting places so the itineraries change more often. Also the staff get to know you by name which I like…it’s more like a family gathering than a holiday. Guess it depends on whether the facilities on board are more important than the places that are visited.


I agree with you Albatrail but I can’t in all honesty see it happening. The bigger ships are more economical to run and increase company profits. If surveys are to be believed passengers prefer the bigger ships because of the added amenities and attractions they offer. It has to be remembered that in the main the American market dictates to the cruise industry as they make up the vast majority of the passengers. Personally I like the large ships with all that they offer.

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I would be much happier if some of the new-builds over the next few years were smaller ships, 600 -1000 passengers with tiers of open decks and an all-round promenade deck. A more traditional style that can visit places without making them feel crowded. Whether this would be possible economically, I don’t know. It will be interesting to watch the Seabourn experience.


Seabourn is also building a new ship which should be ready for 2015/2016…they are selling/have sold the 3 smaller ships to Windstar Cruises and will replace them with the new bigger ship…some say the new ship will take 650 passengers so almost a straight swop….


I don’t know where all the extra passengers are coming from, when some lines are pulling out of Europe next year. Germany’s a growth market- not just Mein Schiff, but it sounds as though QM2 is making more pick ups in Hamburg….but so much of Europe has money trouble.
I wonder if RCI will be testing one of the Oasis class in Europe, after next year’s trial?

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The only thing that concerns me is the resulting price cuts to attract passengers, followed by the subsequent cuts in the quality of food and service to enable the cruise line to make those price cuts.

We have already seen a decline in those areas – where will it end..

With all these fantastic late deals about it almost cheaper to go on a cruise than go to Butlins..

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Still more cruise ships on the order books. In the next 3 years 18 new cruise ships with a passenger capacity of 53,803 are to be built. 4 of these are going to Royal Caribbean and one of those will be a sister ship to Oasis and Allure. 2 are going to the TUI Group. First time Tui have had new ships. Both are 97,000 tonnes and carrying 2,500 passengers per ship .
Can only be good for getting a cheap deal near sailing time with all those cabins to sell.

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