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Midland Air Museum, Coventry, Warwickshire

@bobbyoscar wrote:

Midland Air Museum, Coventry, Warwickshire

That looks interesting. Will try & get there when I’m next in that area.

Essex UK

@EAL if you need any help you only have to ask. We are a friendly bunch who love discussions and sometimes disagree just like life but we always remain friends.


Def new to all this. Will learn how it works sometime!!! xx

Glad to see someone else trawling through those early posts.

Always good to see a review of somewhere we haven’t been. Thanks. xx

Midland Air Museum, Coventry, Warwickshire http://www.midlandairmuseum.co.uk

A more traditional type of museum with the exhibits being static displays without any flying aircraft included. However, the range of aircraft on display is interesting, including a Vulcan, Starfighter (in Danish markings), Phantom, Harrier and Canberra.

Perhaps the most iconic aircraft displayed are the two English Electric Lightnings, one in Royal Saudi Air Force markings, and the Gloster Meteors (Britain’s first jet aircraft).

There is an area given over to exploring the development of the jet engine, Frank Whittle having been born in Coventry, with a number of early engines on display.

The site is relatively compact but still allows space between aircraft on display with picnic benches available. The entrance building has a shop and toilet facilities.

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