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Marco Polo; Commemorative Voyage to Canada 2015. Part 2, Canada.


With the sunrise behind us, we approached Halifax.

We followed Veendam into port and were followed by Carnival Splendor

with Theodore tug greeting all 3 ships


What a shame the weather let you down in Newfoundland. Mind you at least you didn’t get a hurricane. We did in September 2010. The guide books don’t warn you about that and it caused a lot of damage and washed away bridges and roads.

It is wonderful when the sun shines and so many places to explore. There are some lovely names like Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content and Little Hearts Ease


Another suggestion was that we should visit Mary’s Cove (where they filmed Free Willy) and Petty Harbour. Lovely places but today they were very short visits.

Despite the weather, I’m so glad we went out and about. This voyage, for me, was all about seeing and experiencing Canada.

At the start of this section, I referred to some good stories. How about…

  • the couple who were walking down a St John’s street when a car stopped. A hand stretched out the window, handed the couple an umbrella and a voice said ’you’ll need this’ before driving away.
  • another couple who were sheltering in a shop doorway. The door opened and the couple were invited in and given coffee.

These stories are third hand but I can believe them, the Canadians are so welcoming and friendly.


We had problems with our credit card but when we visited a bank, everything was OK. Maybe it needed time to think about it? This allowed us to do some shopping before returning to the ship for lunch.

What to do in the afternoon? was it worth going out sightseeing? We had the phone number of our taxi driver from earlier. Getting together with another couple, we asked the taxi coordinator to arrange a tour to Cape Spear, the most eastern point in Canada.

We were lucky, the mist came back in during our visit and, by the time we left, you couldn’t see anything.


The architecture is varied, I only wish it had dried up so we’d more time to look around.


First stop when we arrived at ‘The Rooms’? Coffee while looking over the city. Quiet at the time, this table-service restaurant is popular and became busier later. It’s also affordable.

I could have spent all day here, it was very interesting.

and we found connections that we’d been hoping to see, including this one of the Terra Nova’s Captain. If (when) we return, we’ve to let them know in advance.

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With the rain stopping us from really exploring, our driver asked if there was anything else we really wanted to see. Because it was related to our connections to St. John’s, we took a detour to visit the fishing harbour.

We knew this ship- usually seen in Ålesund. A brief discussion with the crew, we discovered they’d bought it and just sailed over from Norway. Isn’t the world a small place?

Marco Polo was very visible in the main harbour, despite the rain.


We’ve got a special interest in St John’s. We’ve both got local or family connections with the city and want to spend some time at ‘The Rooms’, the city museum. There are volunteers on the quayside (despite the weather) and a volunteer taxi coordinator at the gate. The welcome is so friendly and helpful.

Apparently ‘The Rooms’ are at the top of the hill and not open until 10:00. A set price taxi tour is arranged by the volunteer and we set off to visit Quidi Vidi, take a tour of the city and be dropped at the museum an hour later.

Quidi Vidi. I’m often amused to watch tourists at home, on a whistle stop tour, jumping out and in the vehicle to take photos. Here I was doing it today, the rain was just so heavy. Apparently, during Marco Polo’s last visit, it was a hot sunny day.

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all timestamps are still in UTC/GMT

The Canadian coast ahead, our first contact is the pilot who appears out of the mist.

It’s a sign of what the day’s going to be like, very wet. There are some real gems of stories because of the rain.

Arriving at St. John’s, Newfoundland

The artwork reflects in the water on top of the shelter

and the clock’s at the wrong time

It’s just like home!

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