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Marco Polo; Commemorative Voyage to Canada 2015. Part 2, Canada.

Later that same night- the lunar eclipse (the time difference changed the date on the photos)


The tug waited to assist Marco Polo out of port that evening


Next stop (the bus goes via the local shops & pharmacy for anyone needing supplies) was the Musée Shaputuan , an old trading post where we were also given a talk on its trade



Now I’m starting to get confused by what happened/where. I think this was the port where Marco Polo arrived in port with the tug acting as a brake and Captain showed just how good he was at ‘driving the ship’ by getting us alongside an exposed jetty.

We took the shuttle/hop-on hop-off bus to the ‘Musée régional de la Côte-Nord’ ‘Regional Museum de la Côte-Nord’. Everyone was welcomed on arrival and given an introduction to this very interesting museum covering the history of Sept-Îles.


We were welcomed in Saguenay with a large craft tent and tourist desk. There was a local festival in the town. The city itself is spread over several communities. These photos are all from the port area, La Baie.

The shuttle bus and hop-on-hop-off bus are the same thing. The guide gave a commentary as we travelled and, at each place of interest, a local guide came on to the bus to provide us with information and an invitation to visit. (often with an entry fee). The bus had to be replaced mid-tour and the replacement bus didn’t have as many seats. Several people had to stand for much of the return journey.

I think that, if we visited again, I’d book one of the ship’s excursions.

Captain liked the car

Snow Goose


While I watched the scenery during our morning sail, many passengers watched the executive chef’s cookery demonstration


Saguenay Fjord
Another early morning, Marco Polo turned into Saguenay Fjord. I’m still not sure where the smoke came from.

Another sunrise

Belugas, just at the entrance to the fjord, with a baby that’s not obvious from the photos


If, and when, we get the opportunity to return to Montréal, I’ll make sure we visit the Biodôme. It was one of the most talked about places among the passengers. Despite not liking cities, I enjoyed our visit to Montréal and am glad we had an overnight stay with more time to explore.

We started our return journey, sailing down the St Lawrence

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Marco Polo was refulled, the supplies had arrived on a barge. Some passengers, doing only half the cruise, had flown home and other passengers had joined us.

We sailed, on a warm evening, another deck party to entertain.


Our last stop was the Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History Wishing we’d allowed more time, this was an interesting museum including the real archaeology in the basement. Time to head back to Marco Polo.

Silver Whisper occupied the other side of the cruise terminal

It seemed to have a strange funnel

We looked across at the strange flats

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