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Marco Polo; Commemorative Voyage to Canada 2015. Part 2, Canada.

one advantage of the rain was the lovely rainbow that seemed to be visible from everywhere.

Looking down over Corner Brook and Marco Polo


A welcome to Corner Brook. They were playing ‘dirty old town’ as we went ashore but we were assured that the chimneys were emitting steam, not smoke. Apparently they’ve won a green award

and the Captain Cook’s Trail excursion

It rained so this photo of Frenchman’s Cove was from the bus

with a lovely scenic drive (despite the rain) that took us to this Church for refreshments and crafts

next to the local library

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The afternoon meant time to explore the waterfront, along the boardwalk.

The cruise terminal had a café-bar, crafts hall, restaurant and small stalls outside. HAL Veendam was berthed at the cruise terminal whereas we were tendering ashore. Understandable because Veendam carries more passengers and is a regular visitor throughout the season.


An excursion- tour of Sydney and visit to Whitney Pier museum- with very nice oatcakes.

It was interesting to see and hear how this industrial city was being transformed. Lots of green space, the boardwalk and new sports facilities.


Arrival in Sydney

They used to export coal; now they import it!


We arrived at the Îles de la Madeleine and the crew started their preparations to tender ashore. I wasn’t surprised when Captain announced that it wasn’t safe to go ashore. Some passengers were wondering about his decision but, if they’d been on deck as we arrived, they would have seen for themselves. A local ferry departed but it had been berthed in a harbour, not anchored offshore.

I still managed to get a few distant photos from Marco Polo.


and our departure


Waiting to return to Marco Polo

and back on the ship, looking at Havre-Saint-Pierre

the big white building in the middle photo is the hospital.


Despite it being windy, several passengers took the walk along the seafront. There were people waiting around town, waiting to pounce on passengers with really interesting information and help. We chatted for ages

A small supermarket was open within walking distance of the cruise pier as was the ’ Maison de la culture’ an old Hudson’s Bay Company store with the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre

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Marco Polo anchored offshore and we went ashore in the tenders.

A hop-on hop-off bus was operating, the first time they’d run one. They were unsure just how long each round-trip would take at first. It was worth doing as an introduction to Havre-Saint-Pierre, giving us an insight into what was available.

The mining museum

and the restaurant where we returned later for lunch.

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