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Marco Polo; Commemorative Voyage to Canada 2015. Part 2, Canada.

Wishing we could have spent longer in St Anthony, it was time to say goodbye to Canada and head out across the North Atlantic.

Canada has not been what I expected. With an expectation that we’d see the country that’s portrayed on TV, I found the reality instead. I’m glad we’ve visited. The people are just lovely, so friendly, so helpful. The places we visited were interesting with the guides’ commentaries bringing so much more to our tours.

All I can say is… go see it for yourself


I was really interested in the Grenfell Heritage Centre, the Doctor who introduced health care to the peoples of Newfoundland. Perhaps this is why St Anthony still has a modern hospital and other health care facilities- for the whole region. The heritage centre is run by volunteers with a film, exhibition, café and craft shop adjacent to the pier. It’s a must visit place to understand what St Anthony is about; and where many residents are employed.

The people were so friendly. In addition to those who met us on the pier, everyone we saw around town had a greeting for us. My sort of town

and some last views about town before heading back to Marco Polo



Grenfell Heritage Hotel

but St Anthony was not thriving. There was word of the supermarket closing and a campaign to keep it open


the Municipal Building & Library

and High School


A change of itinerary took us to the anchorage at St. Anthony.

This was just an itinerary reversal because now an excursion went to L’Anse aux Meadows and visited the Norse village and museum.

while many passengers explored St. Anthony.

this is the ‘home for seniors’


and Lark Harbour

but eventually I’d to give up when the weather worsened.

but the skies were interesting


We had a morning departure from Corner Brook.

Sailing past Frenchman’s Cove, where we’d visited on yesterday’s excursion



After a hot shower- time to view the surroundings. The clouds and weather fronts kept changing. I wondered why the gulls kept taking flight until the bald eagle appeared.


A shuttle bus rain between the ship and the town centre and shops

City Hall

It continued to rain so, despite it being an overnight stay, I returned to Marco Polo

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