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Marco Polo; Commemorative Voyage to Canada 2015. Part 1, Europe.

wow !

but WOW ! ! !

`Wonderful photos, thanks!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

More great pics @Albatrail (I’m still catching up with unread posts from when I was away).

Essex UK

We arrived back in Europe, a port call in Cobh. Unfortunately I lost most of the photos from this port.

Next stop, Tilbury. We disembarked and were met by our transport. Arriving in London, it was impossible to find a road open to the railway station. A marathon


It’s not clear in this photo but there was a green glow through this cloud… I mentioned it to our photography lecturer and he saw the aurora later that night, once darkness fell. There’s something I recognise about the colour? tone? shade? of the sky, even when the aurora isn’t clearly visible. This afternoon I witnessed a daytime aurora south of Ireland

Our voyage continued


The skies and seas of the voyage home. Captain sailed further south to avoid the stormy weather that we were sharing the North atlantic with. Despite that, we did feel the swell. I’m so glad we were on Marco Polo!


The start of another great series @Albatrail Loved the time-lapse (although the last one made my head swim a little and good spot on the Cool ship, would have been a better name for one of the tall ships.

Essex UK

SilverTravelUser wrote:

we are hoping to do the train across the Canadian Rockies next autumn

Did you see the Chris Tarrant programme about it tonight?


Fantastic photographs Albatrail – we are hoping to do the train across the Canadian Rockies next autumn (if we save enough money!). Your voyage looks so exiting

We sail as darkness falls on Cherbourg and le Marité moves into our berth

a butterfly as a stowaway

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