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Majorca in early May...??

yorkshirecat you sound like my kind of dresser(/eater) I do have several such tops, which cover a multitude of sins as well as the aformentioned stretchy waistbands! Thanks so much for your reply :)

@mamahen I confess to wearing high quality black or navy leggings which I dress up with floaty tops that come down to at least my thighs, jewellery and pretty shoes that I can walk and/or dance in. Stretchy waistbands are a must for me when on holiday as I always seem to gain several pounds around my waistline!

Thanks HMJ…I haven’t worn black trouers much since retirement, as I always wore them to work…however I do have a dressy pair which comes out at Christmas and New Year. The pair I’ve just bought are simple, wide legged and very comfy – so am intending to team them up with various tops for evening wear! :)

@mamahen, drapey wise legged black trousers will take you anywhere! I’m a huge fan of black trousers and shorts of varying materials. I never wear anything else!

Thanks Fossil…thats really helpful :) x

Mallorca in May will be warm during the day, up to 25c but the evenings can cool so pack a lightweight jumper, slacks and what ever you feel like during the day.


Hi everyone

I’m a really ‘far from frequent’ traveller and have booked with a friend to go to Cala Bona on 02 May next year. Just not sure what to take to wear. I don’t ‘do’ shorts – mid calf crops are as near as I get these days – the varicose veins aren’t pretty! So should I go for calf length loose linen type dresses for when we ‘go out’ …and also, there is nightly entertainment, for which one needs to smarten up – to what extent do people ‘dress up’ for these hotel ‘in house’ evenings? Would drapey wide legged black trousers with a selection of floaty tops, fit the bill? We have 20kg luggage allowance each and I don’t want to waste my space with clothes that aren’t suitable.

Anyone out there have any ideas please? :)

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