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Lost, in Retirement

Hi Nitabundle, thanks for putting up you first post.
I’m sorry things aren’t working out the way you planned, as ESW says, things have a way of turning out like that. I also sympathise re Mother in Law as our travel plans are restricted considerably by how long we can leave her/hospital appointments etc.
One of the great things about living in the UK is that there are so many free things to see & do. I’m not sure what part of the country you live in (perhaps you could add your location in your profile) but we did have a topic on days out on a budget that may help:
Look forward to seeing you again on the forum.

Essex UK

Welcome to the forum nitabundle and I hope you get the retirement you dream off too. Life has a nasty knack of throwing up unexpected problems doesn’t it. Keep positive and make the most of what you can. I hope there are some nice cheap places to visit and things to do round you. Even a walk in the park on a sunny day revives the spirits. Othrewise bread making is very theraputic as you can work out all your frustration with a clear conscience when kneeding the bread.


Sorry for delay, just registered. First of all for knitting help I recommend Ravelry.com and for yarns loveknitting.com. I always loved working but at age 61 I thought there must be something else and hoped to be healthier than sitting at a desk all day. We are on limited income as my husband does not get his state pension for another 4 years. I had envisaged doing some volunteer work, a painting class and perhaps going out locally to an attraction or other village/town one day a week. This did not happen, now 63 as we are now p/t carers for my mother in law and I have had health issues myself. I also hoped to spend some time with my daughter in London, time we never had as I was always working; but she is now thinking of settling in Brazil. BUT I stay hopeful that we get the retirement we consider deserved one day

Yes, I found U3A very helpful- and now we run a group, for singing, under its wings.
I’ve a feeling that some hospitals also ask for tiny knitted garments for premature babies- I think I’ve seen a Mothers’ Union poster about that. Perhaps blankets for the local vet?- my friend used to collect newspapers for ours, for the hospital kennels, but I’ve seen blankets in there as well.
We’ll all be happier when the light nights finally arrive- and it’s not too far from the clocks springing forward!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Oh heck, you’ve not had a good start, have you. It can only get better! And it will – there’s a world to explore (and you must be interested in that or you wouldn’t be here).

Is there a branch of the U3A near you – they have groups interested in all sorts of things, so there must be something there that would interest you, and like-minded people doing it. It’s a time for trying things you’ve never done before – you might surprise yourself. (When life was tough for me, and all I wanted to do was hide in a corner, I had a mantra – ‘I don’t have to like this, but I do have to do it.’ I made myself go to all sorts of things; it got me out of the house and mixing with people, thinking about something different, talking about different things. By giving myself permission to ‘not enjoy myself’ I found I had more fun than I’d expected. Might be worth a try. (And if it doesn’t work for you – hey ho, you gave it a go!)

And I knit. So can help with that if you need it.

Going back to your idea of knitting Jan, I noticed at the maternity unit they had lots of knitted hats that they put on new borns & let the parents take home with them. Apparently people knit them & donate them to the hospital. I thought that was a great way for you to practice, I assume they’re fairly simple to knit, & a very worthwhile thing to do. My daughter just loved the ones she got.

Essex UK

I’m always happier when the days start to length too. It has been a glorious sunny day here which really does raise the spirits after all the rain


Yes, Jo it has’t been much of a ‘party’ for me thus far but never mind. Anyway, thank you for your message, and also for yours Eleanor, Gill and Steve. This morning the welcoming sight of snowdrops and early crocus in bloom outside was enough to cheer anyone, and later I just had to buy some of the first daffodils on sale this year. As yet, they remain in tight bud but by tomorrow morning our kitchen ought to be filled with their golden glow. Springtime is just around the corner – days are slowly lengthening; a real tonic for everyone.

Have a great weekend all of you.


Poor you- that’s an awful way to start retirement, and must have spoiled so many plans. Hope you’ll keep in touch with us here.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

It’s lovely to hear back from you Ruby and good luck with the knitting. I used to do a lot when daughter was small. I find straight knitting boring and love doing patterns. I’ve done aran and fair isle in the past. I did do some knitting for the grandchildren until I realised daughter preferred hoodies…

Do write up your Autralasia travels for us and submit them as reviews on the main site, espeially as there aren’t that many so far.

Do join in on the rest of the forum and keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

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