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Latest phone scams...

An email scam rather than a phone call. This came through today, alledgedly from BT:


Dear Customer,

We’re very excited to bring you some of the biggest news in broadband for quite some time. We’re switching your BT Account to BT broadband to protect your contact list and your folders.

The changed. Click below to switch Now.


Best wishes,

Warren Buckley
Managing Director, Customer Service

It did look very convincing. Needless to say we didn’t switch now and it was sent to Spam.


This time it’s a window scrappage scheme.

It seems that Anglian windows are out touting for custom…


And another one for a kitchen scrappage scheme. The recorded message implied that you would get a new low energy kitchen for free, fitted to the highest standards…..

I didn’t press to find out but going to the internet, the only Kitchen scrappage scheme I can find on the internet is Magnets and it isn’t as good as the message makes out.

Customers buying a new kitchen from Magnet in October (minimum spend of £4,500 on furniture in the Magnet autumn sale excluding installation and appliances) will qualify to have their existing appliances replaced with £1,560 of brand new energy efficient appliances free of charge.

The blood pressure has gone down as I’d assumed from the message the government was funding this one.


We got the boiler phone call on Tuesday!


We got a new one this morning. A recorded message told us to press 2 for a free government funded boiler.

I didn’t and checking the government website we aren’t anyway.


Hi Eleanor, the bank card scam phone call has been reported in our local papers as happening here recently. I think its everywhere. I hope the catch those responsible, although even then there will be someone to take their place. It is a shame we all have to be on our guard so much,

Another possible scam call to report. Yesterday I received a phone call from 03562780913. The caller was an Asian lady whose English was not particularly good. She said" hello my name is Alison", then I had to get her to repeat the next bit twice as I could not understand her accent She knew my name and said she wanted me to answer one question. I asked her her full name and who she represents. She hung up!.

I googled the phone number and it seems from what I read, others have had a lot of problems with this number.


I hope no-one has been caught out by this scam which hit the Surrey area yesterday…


I’m so pleased I invested in an answerphone some months ago, don’t have to put up with them anymore….


"What are your opinions on everly increasing of household bills ? " came the voice on the other end of the line just now from some Asian chappie.
"I don’t know. " I replied, "I’m too busy fending off nuisance callers."
"I am sorry, I am not understanding."
"No and neither do you understand the use of the continuous tense," I rejoindered.

Then I put the phone down.

That told him. Mmmphh.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’m suprised the cold caller didn’t put the phone down. They are getting increasingly quick to do so here if you deviate from their ‘script’.

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