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Latest phone scams...

I fell for that last one called 149 scam or something …if you go on Scotland Yard website you can actually patch it straight through to them…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

A few weeks back there was a thread about phone calls offering to fix problems with computers. I was going to add this to the thread but haven’t been able to find it.

I thought it might be helpful to start another thread where we can report those irritating phone calls and keep others up to date on the latest scams.
We’ve all had the PPI ones and also the ones checking if we have applied for insulation grants.

Husband fielded one today from India. The caller knew his name, address and phone number but was wanting to check on details of his bank and credit card. Did it start with a 4? Rather than put the phone down, Michael decided to string him along and have a bit of fun. " if you know all of that information about me, you should know my credit card number… you give me the number and I’ll confirm it… no I haven’t got the details to hand… no I can’t get them…."

This is beginning to sound like the email scams from the bank (often one you don’t bank with) saying details have to be confirmed or they will close the account, or may be the ‘Nigeria letter’ scam. We still get a few of those. The last one was from the wife of the Syrian president…

What nuisance calls are you getting at the moment?

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