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Lady Windermere's Fan - win a pair of tickets to see this Oscar Wilde classic

@linkeditor wrote:

I was thrilled to be told that I was the lucky winner of the 2 tickets to see Lady Windermere’s Fan

Congratulations, I hope you have a great day.

Essex UK

I was thrilled to be told that I was the lucky winner of the 2 tickets to see Lady Windermere’s Fan. I have just had confirmation that I can see the show as a matinee in March. This will allow my husband and I to go down in the day without an overnight in London and it is sure to be a lovely day. I am in the process of booking my train tickets and if there is a good offer on first class we can take that up to make the day more special. This particular play by Oscar Wilde is my favourite so I am very grateful to Silver Travel for the chance to see it. I always enjoy getting the Silver Travel newsletter and there is always good information to be had, but this is really the icing on the cake. Thank you once again.

We’re delighted to advise that the winner is @linkeditor who is very pleased and currently planning a day in London to include the show!


This would be a lovely prize…i retired at christmas so i am starting the new year as an oap !

We are just ‘Wilde’ about the West End theatres and great ‘fans’ of Jennifer Saunders!


I would love to win – great excuse for a few days away!

Only been to the theatre twice and would welcome the opportunity to see such a classic play.

that would be a great excuse to visit London.


the truth is that i narrowly missed out on submitting an entry to see a woman of no importance ~ every time i thought of another quote someone else entered it. it became quite uncanny. then the day after the competition closed i happened across a book of oscar wilde quotes. another “grrr!!” but perhaps it will help me now to say, quite casually:

only dull people are brilliant at breakfast

and i wonder if that’s true of jennifer saunders? she seems so utterly brilliant in everything she does, it’s hard to imagine her being not-brilliant at any time of day or night. anyway i’m her number one fan, and would love to take her number two fan (my daughter) to see this play. my fingers are crossed ~ and if it wasn’t oscar wilde my begging bowl would be out, for i’m quite sure he’d disapprove of such a gesture, believing in his absolute right to win any prize.

I live in London but the theatre is usually too expensive to visit. My sister often visits me and we get really excited if we can find cheap theatre tickets so that we can see a West End show. I would love to surprise her with these tickets!

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