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Well Grey-Wolf I have arthritis and may well try the walnut remedy!

North Northumberland

A common remedy for arthritis and rheumatism in China is rotating two whole walnuts in the hand.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

To grow new roses from pruned rose cuttings, the potato forms an ideal base. Prune pencil thickness shoots in such a fashion that the bottom is pruned flat, while the top is pruned diagonally (this allows water drainage like a sloping roof and prevents bud rot on both the new cutting and the original shrub ). As far as possible remove all leaves and thorns from the stem. Now push each new stem into a bored-out potato ( a bradawl or screwdriver could be used for this). The potato now acts as the new Rose’s private food and water supply into which it will grow roots. Bury both potato with upright stem into the soil with around 6 inches of Rose stem above ground. Water regularly and new Rose bushes will emerge .

…this, incidentally, is post #666… !!!

…The Name of the Rose ???

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Most coin insert slots on most supermarket self-service robots ( cahshierless tills) actually unhinge entirely, so you can throw all your loose change in at once without having to feed it coin by coin.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

For a golden, crispy chicken skin coating, corn meal, mixed with salt and black and white pepper, applied to the meat prior to roasting, gives an even flavour and textures well.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Guacamole dip ( an Aztec invention consisting of avocadoes, lime and chilli) is an ideal accompaniment to pork scratchings, this dish being the most popular snack dish in Mexico.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I read on the internet that a good way to get grease and grime of your windscreen was to spray it with sugar soap. I duly visited a builders merchants and purchased a sugar soap spray. Yes it worked instantly, giving a crystal clear grease, grime, traffic film and smear free windscreen.


Colonel Cosmic’s crispy crumb coating : crushed cornflakes ( use rolling pin over inner sleeve of cornflakes or a coffee grinder), meld with a beaten egg and Dijon mustard, apply the ensuant paste to chicken, trout, or other fish dishes for a crispy, but non-spicy coating suitable for both fish and fowl.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Great one GW, will remember that vid for rainy days with the grandchildren.

Essex UK

Candles, lipstick, T-shirt transfers, jewellery, toy moulds, rock ornaments, egg shell and paper art – just some of the uses for old crayons
( wax crayon art first documented by Roman Scholar Pliny the Elder)

Crayons top tips vid link here to pass away a rainy afternoon:

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Wakefield, West Yorks.
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