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Household Top Tips

The alkaline properties in cheese are beneficial when eaten after a meal in restoring Ph levels of the mouth which are often reduced between 40-50% especially after eating sugary foods.

The rounded end of a corned beef tin key opener is of the exact dimensions to insert into supermarket trolley

To prize open the shell of a stubborn Pistachio nut, use the shell from another Pistachio nut as a lever.

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If you’re ever stuck for a tin opener, rubbing a tin repeatedly across a concrete surface or brick wall will wear down the rim and remove the lid manually.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Garden birds are fond of coffee beans.

To make a “flower grenade” as favoured by guerrilla gardeners, mix seeds with clay and soil at a ratio of 3:1 clay/soil and mix with water in a cardboard or foil tray. Clay can be obtained using kitty litter as a mixing medium. Form into balls and dry out for a day or so until hard. Once dried the “grenades” can then be thrown into desired derelict areas. Rainfall gradually softens and dissolves the clay ball activating seed germination and growth.

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Toss a towel in a dryer so that the clothes dry faster.
We always put baking soda somewhere inside the refrigerator to manage the smells.
White vinegar cleans almost everything… and is far safer than, say, bleach. The coffee machine, the faucet, the shower head, the toughest stains inside a microwave can be removed with it, and they’re always on guides such as this. Just be careful not to mix bleach and vinegar because that’s inviting a big, toxic problem.

One part cold water and one part fabric conditioner, applied with a sponge scourer will remove unsightly stains from doors without affecting the paintwork as well as leaving doors pleasantly fragranced.

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The small paper thimbles used in McDonalds to serve ketchup, when stretched apart from the rim, will open out to form a much larger saucer shaped vessel.

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Place a bag with vinegar over your shower head to get it clean.

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