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Daily Quiz - Questions

Q341. Which Scottish town is considered the capital of the Highlands?

Q342. What is indicated by a weather vane on top of a building?

Q343. The Forbidden City & Parliament buildings in China border which square?

Essex UK

Q338. Which 2 coins together make up the name for an old-fashioned bicycle?

Q339. What is the name for animals that are hunted & killed for food by other animals?

Q340. Which actor provided the voice of the Genie in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin?

Essex UK

Q335. In the book Wind in the Willows, which animal befriended Rat, Mole & Toad?

Q336. What does the abbreviation L.A.P.D stand for?

Q337. Which little Ken Dodd characters came from “Knotty Ash”?

Essex UK

Q332. What popular name was given to the sleeveless pullover with wide armholes, popular in the 60s & early 70s?

Q333. How can you easily tell the difference between a white & black Rhino?

Q334. The study of flight & control of aircraft is called?

Essex UK

Q329. In a standard UK 3 pin plug, 2 of the pins are connected to the live & neutral wires. To what is the 3rd pin connected?

Q330. The costal resorts of The Gambia are on which Ocean?

Q331. The songs “La La La” & Boom Bang-a-Bang" were 1960s entries in which song contest?

Essex UK

Q326. Which is the only member of the cat family that cannot fully retract its claws?

Q327. Lillie Langtry was the mistress of which future king?

Q328. A centenary is celebrated after how many years?

Essex UK

Q323. Which acid is used in most car batteries?

Q324. The "Push-Me-Pull-You appears in which stories?

Q325. What is the main ingredient used in the Welsh dish laver bread?

Essex UK

Q320. Which singer’s albums include the best selling Graceland?

Q321. Which mass is greater, 10Kg or 15lbs?

Q322. According to a well known saying, what is worth a thousand words?

Essex UK

Q317. In radio what do the initials CB stand for?

Q318. In the Bible, the name of which book comes from the Greek word for origin?

Q319. What is the name of this animal?

Essex UK

Q314. The 1974 film “Lenny” is about the life of which American comedian?

Q315. What is the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross?

Q316. Which Russian physiologist was known chiefly for conditioning dogs to salivate upon hearing a bell?

Essex UK
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