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Daily Quiz - Questions

Q34. In food, Reuben, Club & Dagwood are all types of what?

Q35. According to British tradition, in a Christian marriage, does the bridge stand on the left or the right side of the groom?

Q36. Which star constellation is known as the “Big Dipper” to Americans?

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Q31. In science, what is the name given to the study of the motion of projectiles?

Q32. Which British composer was depicted on the previous £20 note (in circulation between 1999 & 2007)?

Q33. In which English county are the towns of Penrith & Keswick?

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Q28. In the human body, the hormone adrenalin is produced by glands associated with which organs?

Q29. Which controversial English artist won the Turner Prize in 1995?

Q30. In music, “Babylon” was a UK hit song in 2000 for which singer?

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Q25. Which city is the annual home of Britain’s largest fringe theatre festival?

Q26. In carpentry, what is the name for a piece of timber on to which floorboards are nailed?

Q27. In the Bible, what type of wood did Noah use to build the Arc?

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Q22. What is the nationality of the former Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello?

Q23. In which Thackeray novel does Captain Crawley marry Becky Sharp?

Q24. The Rainbow Bridge is a viewing point for which major North American attraction?

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Q19. In maths, if each side of an Egyptian pyramid is 220m long, how far would you walk if you went right around it?

Assume you are sober and not staggering

Q20. What is the largest South American cat?

Q21. What name is given to the ceremony whereby a British Monarch is “public anointed, blessed and consecrated”?

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Q16. Which gas comprises about 21% oxygen?

Q17. Princess Marget’s son Lord Linley is well known for what trade?

Q18. In history, at which naval battle of 1805 did Nelson defeat Villeneuve?

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Q13. In the New Testament, who is called “the beloved physician”?

Q14. In the TV sitcom “My Family”, what is the occupation of Ben, played by Robert Lindsay?

Q15. In which children’s TV series did the characters Tucker Jenkins & Alan Humphries appear?

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Q10. In food, which oil is highest in saturated fats:
Sesame seed
Palm kernel?

Q11. Which singer, born in Cardiff in 1937, was made Dame of the British Empire in 2000?

Q12. Does the city of Inverness lie to the north or the south of Edinburgh?

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Q7. In literature, which author’s characters include Stilton Cheesewright & Bertie Wooster?

Q8. In art, what was the nationality of painter Gustav Klimt?

Q9. What was the first word of the title of the two Disney films, “I Shrunk the Kids” and “I Blew Up the Kids”?

Please post your answers on the Answers thread, the link to which is contained in post 01

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