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Daily Quiz - Questions

Q371. Which former Prime Minister died on 24th January 1965 exactly 70 years after his father, Lord Randolph?

Q372. In western movies whose horse was “Topper”?

Q373. In the US which avenue divides the east side of New York from the west side?

Essex UK

Q368. What is Lulu’s real name?

Q369. The US Patent Office granted Alexander Graham Bell a patent on March 7th 1876, for which invention?

Q370. In Michael Bond’s stories about Paddington Bear, what were his favourite sandwiches?

Essex UK

Q365. Who sang the theme tune to the James Bond film “The Man with The Golden Gun”?

Q366. Which album was the first album to be released on Virgin Records in 1973?

Q367. If you visited Trinity College & Kings College, what city would you be in?

Essex UK

Q362. The Oystercatcher is very noisy wading bird with a loud ‘peep-ing’ call but what makes up the bulk of its diet?

Q363. Which writer created Sid Halley, private detective?

Q364. Crispy, spicy or aromatic duck is usually given the name of which city?

Essex UK

Q359. The famous basalt pillars on Northern Islands coast are known as?

Q360. A Rockhopper is a species of which animal?

Q361. In 1965 Soviet spaceman Alexei Leonov became the first man to do what in space?

Essex UK

Q356. In TV’s Eastenders, what was market inspector Richard Coles’ nickname?

Q357. Which famous American entertainer was born Erich Weiss in 1874?

Q358. What “H” is an open framed instrument played by plucking the strings with your fingers?

Essex UK

Q353. Who is the author of “Typee” and “Mardi”?

Q354. The Oscar winning film “The Killing Fields” was about the massacres which country?

Q355. Famed for his Sistine Chapel frescoes, what was Michaelangelo’s surname?

Essex UK

Q350. In the song by Bananarama, which film star was said to be “Waiting, Talking Italian”

Q351. Does the 1922 Committee consist of the backbenchers or front bench members of the Conservative party?

Q352. The Mojave Dessert is primarily in which American state?

Essex UK

Q347. What is the process called by which food is broken down within the body?

Q348. The Brecon Beacons National Park straddles three Welsh counties, name them?

Q349. What is the main function of a Kangaroo’s tail?

Essex UK

Q344. Cliff Richard’s song “The Millennium Prayer” combined the words of the Lord’s Prayer with which tune?

Q345. The huge explosion which took place at the birth of the Universe is known as what?

Q346. Pride and Perjury is the title of the memoirs of which disgraced former Treasury minister?

Essex UK
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