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Daily Quiz - Questions

Some years ago we used to have general knowledge questions on the Forum and I know some of you like to take part in a quiz, be it on a cruise ship, in a pub or in current circumstances on Zoom.

To see if there is an appetite for this on the Forum I’ll post a few questions each day on this thread. Please answer them on the thread below, so as not to put spoilers on the questions thread.

I’ll post the answers on the answer thread the following day.

Note: The fun of this is to test your general knowledge not how well you can use google please.

Q1. The American colony of Virginia was named after which “Virgin Queen” of England?

Q2. Complete the title of the 1985 H.E. Bates novel “The Darling Buds of…..” what?

Q3. Which G is a biscuit named after a 19th century Italian patriot?

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