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Daily Quiz - Questions

Q257. What is the famous megalithic monument on Salisbury Plain?

Q258. Is a gopher a rodent or a reptile?

Q259. In TV’s Eastenders, what was the name of Pauline Fowler’s mother

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Q254. Which British sportsman married is girlfriend Lucy Heald at the end of 1999?

Q255. In the 1955 film comedy “The Ladykillers” which British star played the leader of a gang of clumsy bank robbers"

Q256. The tradition of making what food on Shrove Tuesday was born out of the necessity to use up milk and eggs before Lent?

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Q251. Which US President of the 1950s was nicknamed Ike?

p.s. prepare yourself for the onslaught of jokes after Trump’s “Thigh-land” gaff yesterday.

Q252. Which Island had the world’s first woman Prime Minister?

Q253. Which “K” is an ancient Sanskrit text on erotic love?

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Q248. Where did the Soviet spacecraft Luna Two become the first man-made object to crash?

Q249. Bella, Milo, Fizz & Jake are characters in which children’s TV programme?

Q250. What term is used to describe an extended period of sleep during winter?

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Q245. Is Liechtenstein a republic or a principality?

Q246. Which French instrumentalist is/was famous for his laser concerts?

Q247. Which “P” is made by roasting dried corn kennels in oil?

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Q242. In 1994, which film, based on a Louisa May Alcott novel, starred Winona Ryder & Susan Sarandon as part of the March family?

Q243. How many innings make up a standard game of baseball?

Q244. Which gas has the chemical formula CO2? (That’s a tiny 2 at the bottom)

Essex UK

Q239. Which plant is the source of the cloth, linen?

Q240. What was the small pet which nurse Florence Nightingale carried everywhere with her?

Q241. Which “Q” are Christians who gather in a place of worship called a “Meeting House”?

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Q236. Is a mink considered an aquatic, semi-aquatic or non-aquatic animal?

Q237. The children’s story Heidi was set in Germany & which other country?

Q238. Which English county are the racecourses Sandown Park & Epsom in?

Essex UK

Q233. In 1955, which city became the official capital of Wales?

Q234. Which children’s TV cartoon character has a cat called Pilchard?

Q235. How many days were there in February 2000?

Essex UK

Q230. What is another name for a German Shepherd dog?

Q231. What is the common name given to the 3rd molar teeth?

Q232. Which is the smallest British bird?

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