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Daily Quiz - Questions

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Essex UK

Q398. Early in his singing career, who was sometimes billed as “The Twisting Vocalist from Pontypridd”?

Q399. In astronomy, which stars are the hottest e.g. blue stars, white stars or yellow stars?

Q400. Which city in Pennsylvania USA was the setting for the “Rocky” films?

Essex UK

Q395. What year was NATO set up?

Q396. A Bigger Splash is amongst the works of which Yorkshire born artist?

Q397. What is the name given to a female cat used for breeding?

Essex UK

Q392. What “M” describes both a joint in woodwork & a Bishop’s head-dress?

Q393. What nationality were the composers Berlioz & Ravel?

Q394. In TV, who was Ally McCoist’s rival team captain in “A Question of Sport”?

Essex UK

Q389. In which Japanese form of entertainment do people sing well known songs, over a pre-recorded backing tape?

Q390. The Spanish were first attracted to South America by rumours of what?

Q391. Which medical specialist puts a patient to sleep for an operation?

Essex UK

Q386. What was the name of the corgi given to the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, for her 18th birthday?

Q387. What is a sacred word or phrase repeated by Buddhists during meditation?

Q388. Railway posters of WWII carried the propaganda slogan "is your…what really necessary?

Essex UK

Q383. What consists of mainly water & salt & is produced by glands in the dermis?

Q384. On how many legs did the dinosaur T Rex walk?

Q385. In which English county are the ports of Lowestoft & Felixstowe?

Essex UK

Q380. Strawberry, ash & platinum are shades of which hair colour?

Q381. “Is it Me” is the autobiography of which Irish born DJ & TV presenter

Q382. Post-it notes first came on to the market in which decade?

Essex UK

Q377. According to the laws of science, do the majority of substances expand or contract when they are heated?

Q378. Who in 1653 became the Lord Protector of England?

Q379. What “R” is the name given to concrete strengthened with steel rods?

Essex UK

Q374. According to the proverb, The way to a man’s…what is through his stomach?

Q375. What name is given to a stallion that has been neutered?

Q376. Pop star George Michael paid £1.67m in 2000 for a piano used by who?

Essex UK
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